Table of contents January 2016.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. From Linda Bennett: "New Year Bells Ring on, Ring on."
  3. Joseph Colvin has a corrected phone number for the Verizon Accessibility Department.
  4. Vinny Samarco would like help with a VoiceSense.
  5. We hear about a braille smart-watch.
  7. Ginger Harms wants to know more about writing braille on I-devices.
  8. From the Columbus Dispatch: "Robotics Company EKSO Helps Disabled Walk."
  9. Beth Terranova comments on "Doing Everyday Things Doesn't Make Anyone Special."
  10. Tim Hendel discusses help in airports.
  11. We have January birthdays.
  12. Linda Kerwood introduces herself.
  13. We welcome some new Newsreel subscribers and Brandy Gullens would like some pen pals.
  14. Loretta Jurkiewicz comments on searching for radio stations on the Victor Stream.
  15. Bojane Heap on safety.
  16. Tammie Snyder is looking for a braille copy of the NVDA commands.
  17. Vicky Prahin sent in an article about "FCC Compliance Deadlines for Providing Accessible Emergency Information for Persons who are Blind or Visually Impaired."
  18. From The Los Angeles Times: "US Revising Self-Driving Car Stance."
  19. Ed Snively tells us what he has been doing recently.
  20. We learn that Steve Speicher passed away.
  21. Cindy Durborow is looking for a bowling rail and an Optacon.
  22. Dennis Schaffner with holiday greetings.
  23. Jane McIver has information about a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.
  25. LaBelle Murtha has the jumble answer and Eva Elfassy has a new jumble.

Track 2.

  1. Tom D'Agostino in the Wax Works with "I'm Coming Virginia."
  2. Kate asks about using a glass-top stove; she have two free braille cookbooks to pass along and Kate shares a couple recipes.
  3. Robert Wegner talks about his Thanksgiving feast and shares some recipes.
  4. Jeanne Corcoran has some recipes.
  5. Laura Pettis with a recipe.
  6. Diane Motchuk has a question about a recipe and shares one.
  7. From the Columbus Dispatch: "Glimcher Sued, Accused of Discriminating Against Disabled."
  8. Leslie Miller on a talking thermostat she likes.
  10. From Tom Kaufman we hear about an accessible thermostat.
  12. Duncan Holmes is looking for a rare polka.
  13. Catie Mangrum says her daughter has old NLS recorded magazines to share and Catie has a song from the wind-up victrola days.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. From Linda Bennett: "The New Year."
  3. Nancy Scott with "Snowy Memory."
  4. John Wesley Smith with a review of "The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August."
  5. Robert Acosta tells us about a GOODUI fall 2016 cruise.
  6. George Gray concerning Camp Salom.
  8. Irwin has an update on Paris.
  9. "The Rainbow Bridge" from Jean Howes.
  10. From Ann Chiappetta: "The Dog Swap."
  11. "Pooches Rome Busy Airports to Help Weary Holiday Travelers De-stress."
  12. From Marianne Daley: "Cancer Stinks and that Might be a Good Thing!"
  13. Lisa Burkhardt wants a Handi-cassette recorder.
  14. From The Columbus Dispatch: "High Tech Glasses Give Legally Blind Man Hope."


  1. Duncan Holmes sends in a clever rendition of "Peter and the Wolf."
  3. We hear about unique tactile greeting cards from a new Newsreeler in England Lynn Cox.
  4. We have a piece from Accessible Media Inc. about calling bus stops in Canadian province and a wage dispute in an Ohio shelted workshop.
  6. Dumcan Holmes tells us about his upcoming tour schedule.
  8. Debbie Blank has a health update.
  9. Victor Schmidt with an update on his health.
  10. Toni Eames tells us about her new house and has an animal update.