Table of contents January 2017.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. From Linda Bennett: "New Year Wishes."
  3. Ginger Harms has information about the Rainbow Color Reader
  4. and she tells us about a wind screen for her Olympus recorder.
  5. We hear about CCLVI scholarships.
  7. Bob Riibe has a correction concerning the boots he talked about in December.
  8. John Wesley Smith has a large-print weekly planner to pass along.
  9. Kate found something honoring Louis Braille.
  10. John Timpson is looking for a decent tape recorder.
  11. We have "A Little History" sent in by Tom Kaufman.
  12. We have January birthdays.
  13. We have an update on Alice Massa's new book.
  15. We hear about Spoken Word Ministries.
  16. "Districts Blocked Blind Teacher in Ohio from Employment."
  17. Mike Lantz has a friend who wants a Sony 105.
  18. We have a note on devices used to view video programming.
  20. We learn about a descriptive movie program.
  22. From Katie Frederick: Theater audio Description Rule Published.
  23. Barbara Mattson says thanks; comments on diabetic testing strips
  24. and is looking for a Braille Lite Millennium. 20.
  25. We welcome some new Newsreel members and Kate tells you how to become a Life member.
  26. Ed Snively introduces himself.
  27. Blind Brookline Resident Remembers a Helpful Family.
  28. From Gary Sivak we hear about the Lyre Bird.


  1. Gerry Gabrielli explains major and minor chords.
  2. Kate tells us who won the cookbooks in December; we have several books to pass along in January and Kate wonders if it is time to prepare a new Newsreel cookbook?
  3. We have excerpts from All About Food from our local radio reading service.
  4. Lisa Abraham shares three recipes.
  5. Jeanne Corcoran with some recipes.
  6. Irwin makes meatloaf.
  7. Victor Schmidt wonders about shopping at Amazon Go.
  8. Karen Marshall is looking for the book "Drawing with Your Perkins Brailler."


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. From Linda Bennett: "The World has Need of you."
  3. From Nancy Scott: "There SHOULD be 100 Cookies!"
  4. John Wesley Smith reviews "Somebody I Used to Know." (DB 85246)
  5. Bojane Heap reads: "Disabled Girl Takes Battle for Service Dog to Supreme Court."
  6. We have the answer for the November jumble and Irwin has a new one for January.
  7. Chester Carnes is looking for "Books Bring Adventure."
  8. Fannie Beachy on cleaning a glass stove top and about braille.
  9. Doug Hudson on braille.
  10. Christine Chaikin discusses a can opener and comments on braille.
  11. Lucille Caruso on braille.
  12. Pam Spurlock concerning braille.
  13. We learn about a new assistive technology blog.
  15. Trish Cleary comments on braille.
  16. Debra and Anthony Jock have holiday greetings.
  17. Jimmie Castleberry on cell phone batteries.
  18. E. Z. Cleghorn comments on the December Newsreel and talks about Old-Time-Radio.
  20. Adrijana Prokopenko tells us about a social networking platform for the disabled.
  22. We have an article about Ronnie Milsap.
  23. George Gray with phone numbers that Pam Spurlock wanted.
  24. Irwin has a house update.
  25. We have a source for prescription drug labeling information.
  27. Victor Schmidt with a song from 1962.


  1. Hap Holly with a harmonica recording.
  3. "Blind and Abandoned, the Boy with the Amazing Memory Found a Friend for Life."
  5. Tom Lykins is looking for a board slate.
  6. Phil Jackson no longer has his Philmore box number.
  7. Marg Campbell wants to know how to spell a word.
  8. We remember the Newsreelers who passed away in 2016.
  9. We received word that Alice Jackson passed away.
  11. Nolan Crabb sent in the obituary for Otis Stephens.
  12. Marc Marino is looking for one or more copies of a braille hymnal.
  13. Duncan Holmes introduces "We Three Kings."