Table of contents January 2018.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Henry Furtak with a piano piece.
  3. We learn about NFB scholarships.
  5. We have information about CCLVI scholarships.
  7. Marianne Daley would like you to send articles into Newsreel and help us celebrate our 60th anniversary in other ways.
  8. From Barbara Mattson: "Why I Like Newsreel."
  9. Gayle Adams shares an article about how Newsreel has inspired her.
  10. Richard McKinley on the reading of web links in articles and on learning the iPhone.
  11. From NBP: "Dad and the Dinosaur."
  13. We learn about Go Go Grandparent.
  15. From Vicky Prahin and Denise Baumann: (Go Go Grandparent now has Voice Commands."
  16. We have January birthdays.
  17. Adrijana Prokopenko has news about a fire extinguisher recall.
  19. George Gray comments on ADA requirements.
  20. From Marianne Daley: "Owning a Dog Cuts Risk of Heart Attacks and Other Fatal Diseases, Study Shows."


  1. Gerry Gabrielli reminisces about his youth.
  2. We have cookbook winners for December and what we have to give away in January.
  3. Robert Wegner comments on Newsreel and is "talking turkey."
  4. Jeanne Corcoran with remembrances of Patty Luchtenberg and shares some recipes.
  5. Diane Motchuk talks about cleaning vegetables and has a vegetable soup recipe.
  6. Joni Colver on exercising.
  8. "Canine Brain MRI Showed True Affection for Owners."
  9. "Don't ever get on Alex's Bad Side."
  10. Karen Marshall reports on accessible catalogs.
  11. Duncan Holmes sends in "A Musical Road in California."


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Duncan Holmes on his tours; will be appearing on "The Piano Puzzler"; hopes to see you at Camp Salom and shares a couple of bits from The Joy Boys.
  3. Linda Bennett with a joke.
  4. Nolan Crabb reviews: "Alone A Classic Polar Adventure." (DB 41488) or (DB 09394)
  5. We welcome our newest Life member.
  6. From Nancy Scott: "Can you Hear it Now?"
  7. We remember Newsreelers who passed away in 2017.
  8. Kevin Mitchell would like to establish a long-term relationship.
  9. Bill Morgan tells what's been going on in his life.
  10. Kate has a quote from our Facebook page.
  11. From NBP: "How to Learn about Almost Anything."
  12. We have a Louis Braille quiz.
  13. From the ACB Leadership List: "Microsoft's Seeing AI App for the Blind now Reads Handwriting."
  14. We have the answer for the December jumble; a new one for January and Lucille Caruso has a memory of Patty Luchtenberg to share.
  15. From Katie Frederick: "Virgin Atlantic has Launched in Flight Entertainment for Blind People."
  16. Structured Negotiation: a Winning Alternative to Lawsuits (DB 89210) is available from NLS.
  17. Victor Schmidt has an oldie.


  1. Victor Schmidt with another oldie.
  2. Walter Woitasek has a Perkins brailler to sell.
  3. Chester Carnes is selling a couple of items.
  4. From January 1988 we introduce The Braille 'n Speak.
  5. E. Z. Cleghorn tells us about a choir audition; mentions a great book; would like to know who is your favorite sports broadcaster and comments on the Braille 'n Speak.
  6. Tom Lykins on Blazie products.
  7. "Paint for the Blind."
  9. Tim Hendel comments on describing older technology.
  10. Doug Thibaut would like to hear iPhone tutorials.
  11. We have random facts from Toni Eames.
  12. From Diane Motchuk: the book "Louis Braille a Touch of Genius" is available for a reduced price in January.
  13. We have the answers for the Louis Braille quiz.
  14. From Clinton Lindgren: "Auld Lang Syne."