Table of contents January 2019.


  1. Linda Bennett with "Winter Music."
  2. Marg Schmitz welcomes us to 2019.
  3. We have a correction for ordering the audible volt meter.
  5. Joan Porter reports on Verizon phones.
  6. Irwin about getting a code for his Credit Freeze in braille.
  7. Trish Cleary tells about attending baseball games and comments on flip phones.
  8. Cathlyn Shields introduces herself and comments on flip phones.
  9. "Social Security Warns of Attempts by Identity Thieves to Steal the Information of Beneficiaries."
  10. Ken Chrane reports that APH will be producing Readers Digest again in braille.
  11. "Emotional Support Pets Disrupt Flights."
  12. Angela Gatteys has the jumble answers from December and Kate with a new jumble.
  13. Jimmie Sue Castleberry comments on going to baseball games.
  14. We have January birthdays.
  15. From E. Z. Cleghorn "The Gipper would be Proud."
  16. We list the names of Newsreel members who have passed away in 2018.
  17. Lucille Caruso reviews a keyboard.
  18. Kate with The Difference between Moms then Versus Now.
  19. Tom Lykins would like advice on which Screen Reader to use.
  20. Duncan Holmes tells us about Sharon's cancer and shares the song "My God is Bigger Than This."


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. From Gerry Gabrielli we hear Arthur Godfrey playing the piano.
  3. Kate tells us what people won in December and what we have to pass along in January.
  4. Jeanne Corcoran says thanks and shares some recipes.
  5. From Marianne Daley: "Parrot Uses Amazon to Order Items While Owner is Away."
  6. Laurie Pettis has a cucumber salad recipe.
  7. From the Columbus Dispatch: Artificial Dyes Fading but Food will still Get Color Boost.
  8. Ginger Harms sends in an article about a new high-tech oven; has help for your coffee and wants advice on a talking scale.
  9. Beth Hunter would appreciate suggestions for tactile markings and wants to know where to get a manual brailled.
  10. From the Columbus Dispatch: "Woodworker with Cerebral Palsy Tackles Challenges to Open Own Business."
  12. The Car of the Future will have Powerful Communication Technology on Board.
  13. From Lucille Caruso "The Boll Weevil Song."


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Bob Branco sent in a politically correct version of "Baby It's Cold Outside."
  3. Nolan Crabb reviews "When We Collided." (DB 86607)
  4. Nancy Scott with "What Those Hands have Touched."
  5. Pam Spurlock tells us about a book she read. DB 86708)
  6. Joan Andrews on reading the Harry Potter books.
  7. Waymo Launches Nation's First Commercial Self-driving Taxis."
  8. From Tom Kaufman and Robert Acosta: "Letters, we Get Letters: receiving Digital Scans of your Mail Envelopes."
  9. Mike Lantz on going to a party and is looking for a friend.
  10. Tim Hendel would like you to share your religious beliefs if any.
  11. Patty Silver has a couple of good stories.
  12. Trucks are Included in Guidelines Calling for Safety Exemptions to Facilitate Rollouts.
  13. "I Want the Google Driving Car for Christmas."


  1. Yellow Snow Yellow Snow Yellow Snow from Elaine Young.
  2. Loren Wakefield wants to know about food dehydrators and has a braille display for sale.
  3. Leo Schecter is looking for a cassette recorder and a 2nd edition Victor Stream.
  4. We have a new Life member and we say "THANKS" for donations in memory of Miki.
  5. Larry Honaker demonstrates Amazon's voice assistant on the Fire Tablet.
  6. E. Z. Cleghorn on listening to Newsreel on your iPhone; Apple Music coming to the Amazon family of products and is offering to help with training.
  7. Bob Branco comments on finding work.
  8. Gayle Adams about sensitivity training; job searches and cell phones.
  9. Kishia Mason on job training.
  10. Dana Ard discusses employment and has several questions.
  11. Philip Jackson tells us about an Enhanced Bible from Audio Bibles for the Blind.
  13. Ken Chrane tells us about Out Of Sight Radio.
  15. Will Driverless Cars Become Love Dens?
  16. From the Columbus Dispatch: "Boy with Down Syndrome Thrives with Service Dog."
  18. Scientists Grow Human Retinas.