Table of contents February 2017.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. We have a quote from Loretta Jurkiewicz.
  3. We learn about a new college scholarship.
  5. George Gray tells us about Camp Salom 2017.
  6. Kate welcomes new Newsreel members and a subscriber working on her Life membership.
  7. We have February birthdays.
  8. From Tom Kaufman and Andy Baracco: "Accessible Set Top Boxes FAQ."
  9. Joan Andrews with a seasonal riddle.
  10. Cathy Blackburn reports on her efforts to get an accessible set top box.
  11. Patty Silver is looking for dymo tape.
  12. "Broadway's Hamilton is being Sued for Discriminating Against the Blind."
  13. West Linn Community Chorus Relies on Humor Talent.
  14. IRS Tax Return Preparation Help is Available.
  15. Sandy Furtado wants to know who can repair APH recorders.
  16. Rosemary Goodrich tells us about her new Seeing Eye dog.
  17. Nancy Levy talks about Ronnie Milsap and has a question about the Victor Stream.
  18. We learn about Windows 10 and Narrator.
  20. Pastor Philip Jackson has CD cases to give away.
  21. Ed Fedush with "Life's Lessons."
  22. Duncan Holmes with "My Funny Valentine."


  1. Deb Caldbeck tells us about a song in a minor key.
  3. Kate tells us who won our free cookbooks and we have new books to give away.
  4. Robert Wegner is in the Kitchen Korner with a dessert recipe.
  5. Jeanne Corcoran has some recipes.
  6. Linda Bennett sent in a recipe for stuffed pork chops.
  7. Diane Motchuk with a meatloaf recipe.
  8. Duncan Holmes sent us: "Why Minding our Manners Matters."
  9. Darrin Whitmore has a story to share.
  10. Spotlight on Horizons for the Blind. (815-444-8800)
  11. From National Braille Press: "Computers you can Talk too." Abundant Bookshelf and "Interrupting Chicken."
  12. Tammie Snyder with information about "Drawing with Your Perkins Braille Writer" and wonders if there are any similar books.
  13. "Michigan Legalizes Consumer Sales of Self-driving Vehicles."
  14. U.S. Access Board has Issued new Accessibility Standards for Medical Diagostic Equipment.
  15. Janet Didsbury would like to know more about the Kindle.
  16. Dr. Seuss pays us a visit.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Nolan Crabb reviews: "Calvin Coolidge, the Quiet President." (DB 31107)
  3. Katie Frederick sent information about "Dozen: The Best of Breath and Shadow."
  4. Marg Schmitz talks her weird Christmas.
  5. "Why do our Recorded Voices Sound Weird to us?"
  6. Tom Lykins comments on old-time-radio and is looking for a recording.
  7. Adrijana Prokopenko sent in information about a "Blind Ambition" worldwide competition.
  9. Bob Rite comments on testing blood sugar.
  10. George Gray on the word copasetic.
  11. E. Z. Cleghorn about safety issues while teaching.
  12. Gayle Adams on old-time-radio.
  13. Christine Chaikin is looking for a talking coin jar.
  14. Alice Fields wonders about using a walker.
  15. Tom Kaufman sent in: "What is it like to Date While Blind?"
  16. John Schief has the jumble answer and Brad Barrows with a jumble.


  1. Duncan Holmes about changes in his tour schedule and he improvises around braille.
  2. Chester Carnes has a case for a braille writer for sale.
  3. Leslie Miller comments on reading braille calendars and braille bills.
  4. Jeanne Corcoran on braille.
  5. John Wesley Smith concerning braille.
  6. Sharon Strzalkowski wants to know more about a couple of phones and would like ideas for reaching Verizon.
  7. Richard Hardy tells us about his new cell phone.
  8. E. Z. Cleghorn talks about using technology.
  9. Dean Martineau offers to record audio from the Internet and tells us about programs you can use to record audio from your computer.
  10. Are you looking for an accessible way to convert DVD video to audio files?
  11. Toni Eames sent in: "Dog Versus Human on Valentine's Day."