Table of contents February 2018.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Kate announces Newsreel will be doing a new cookbook with your help.
  3. Irwin says thanks and has some tips.
  4. Joni Colver about the Louis Braille quiz and comments on a podcast she likes.
  5. Tom Lykins on Go Go Grandparent.
  6. Abbie Taylor with her Newsreel sixtieth anniversary submission.
  8. William Meinecke tells us about the loss of a dear friend.
  9. Anthony Salvati introduces himself.
  10. Carrie Hooper tells us about the upcoming NYSSB alumni reunion.
  11. Kate has February birthdays.
  12. Alice Crespo comments on the ADA; will share old copies of Guidepost magazines and would like to know where to talk about her book.
  13. Ed Potter tells us what has been going on recently.
  14. From Linda Bennett: "Blind Veterans Find Their Way in a Dark World."
  15. Cliff Smales is still looking for music and wonders about an archive of music at the Connecticut School for the Blind.
  16. Cheryl Morgan has a caution about medication.
  17. Girl Born without Five Fingers now Ties Shoes, Rides Bike, Plays Violin.
  18. More random facts from Toni Eames.


  1. Gerry Gabrielli from the February 2004 Newsreel.
  2. We find out who won cookbooks in January; who won the cassette recorder and what our free offerings are for February.
  3. Robert Wegner discusses recipes.
  4. Jeanne Corcoran has some microwave recipes.
  5. Why Pam Spurlock enjoys Newsreel; she comments on catalogs; reading Talking Books and shares some recipes.
  6. Microwaves are about to get a Whole Lot Smarter and even more Convenient Thanks to Amazon Alexa.
  7. "Blind Triathelete Teaches Others to Race for the Gold."
  8. The Husband Store.
  9. "Why Amazon's Alexa is Life Changing for the Blind."
  10. Leslie Miller would like suggestions for a calendar.
  11. Janet Didsbury is looking for Startrek blupers.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Duncan Holmes submitted a song about Abraham Lincoln.
  3. We start the 2018 Friendship Raffle.
  4. Nolan Crabb reviews: "Death of a Macho Man." (DB 45819)
  5. "China's Blind Await the Year of the Guide Dog."
  6. Richard Hardy really enjoys Newsreel.
  7. Ginger Harms reads an article about O6 for your smart phone from the Fall 2017 Dialogue magazine.
  8. We have an article about autonomous cars without steering wheels.
  9. Grady Ebert is looking for HAMS and Lions; would like to talk with NASCAR followers and other Newsreelers.
  10. Jim DeBruhl is in need of a mini-cassette recorder.
  11. Doug Thibaut on sports broadcasters.
  12. Farmington Teacher Develops Braille Code for Navajo.
  13. Alice Fields lets us know that her husband passed away.
  14. We tell you of the passing of Newsreeler Sukosh Fearon and we have a musical selection from his website.


  1. From the February 1988 Newsreel: "The Dream."
  2. From The Winter 2017 Ohio Connection: New Medicare Cards are on the Way, Audio Production Help, Blindness Statistics, Sound Requirements for Electric Vehicles, New York Times Essays Explore People Living with Disabilities, Choosing Accessible Appliances, Master List of Audio Described Videos, and Study Abroad.
  3. Larry Honaker shows us how to download and read the Newsreel on the i-Phone.
  4. E. Z. Cleghorn on recording with the iPhone.
  5. Barbara Mattson talks about using Blazie Engineering products.
  6. John Timson has a reading machine for sale.
  7. We welcome a returning Newsreel member as well as three new members.
  8. Irwin reviews a new remote control unit from the National Library Service.
  9. Chad Grover is looking for a particular braille slate and has braille dice to pass along.
  10. Victor Schmidt with a proposal.
  11. Lucille Caruso recommends a container.
  12. Ed Snively and others with the jumble answer and we have a new one for February.
  13. Laurie Pettis with a tribute to the sixtieth birthday of Newsreel.