Table of contents February 2019.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Henry Furtak with some terrific brass playing.
  3. From Linda Bennett: "To a February Wind."
  4. Carrie Hooper tells us about the New York State School for the Blind Alumni reunion.
  5. Robert Wegner on a talking scale.
  6. Ford Breaks up with GM Toyota on Future of Talking Car Technology.
  7. Victor Schmidt reports on pedestrian injuries.
  8. Irwin talks about cassette subscriptions.
  9. We have February birthdays.
  10. Marg Schmitz on spiritual beliefs.
  11. Mike Lantz on religion; job training and his chat line programs.
  12. Marg Campbell on finding words; religion and flip phones.
  13. Camille Petrecca on technology including the Victor Reader Trek.
  14. The Carroll Center is Launching a new way to Deliver Computer Instruction.
  15. Ruthie Wagoner discusses people with disabilities not being served at restaurants.
  16. Duncan Holmes shares good news about Sharon.
  17. Tongue Hooks the Key to Cat Clensing.


  1. Delta Gamma Foundation underwriting announcement.
  2. Gerry Gabrielli with "The Verse."
  3. We tell you who won our free stuff last month and what we have for this month.
  4. Robert Wegner talks about gadgets.
  5. From Linda Bennett: Valentine Food for Thought.
  6. Jeanne Corcoran on marking appliances and shares some recipes.
  7. Pam Spurlock reads two recipes.
  8. Woman Drove Drunk on vanilla Extract.
  9. Ginger Harms reports that APH no longer has the power supply for the Bookport Desktop.
  10. Ginger Harms wonders about reading with a smart phone.
  11. Tom lykins sent in information about Be My Eyes.
  13. Richard Hardy now has an e-mail address.
  14. Linda Vos would like help with Google Chrome.
  15. We welcome a new subscriber.
  16. Technology Improves for people with Disabilities as Firms Respond to Moral Legal Demands."


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Laurie Pettis has a song in honor of Winter.
  3. Nolan Crabb reviews: "Aunt Dimity and the Widows Curse." (DB 89166)
  4. Gayle Adams reviews "The Radium Girls." (DB 89743)
  5. We have the answer for the January jumble.
  6. Lucille Caruso has a riddle; a jumble and she needs a bingo set.
  7. E. Z. Cleghorn reviews the book "Let's Pretend in the Golden Days of Radio" discusses OTR and demonstrates Voice Dream Reader.
  8. "Ever Evolving Talking Books Program Brings Books to people with Disabilities."
  9. Joy Turner is looking for someone.
  10. Lorraine McCracken would like to hear from folks in the Jacksonville Illinois area.
  11. Patient with Charles Bonet Syncrome Describes Halucinations.
  12. Janet Didsbury comments on being left at the wrong place.
  13. Grady Ebert is looking for some HAM radio equipment.
  14. We have GloriaRathbone's obituary.
  15. We have quotes from Martin Luther King.
  16. Duncan Holmes with an article about the Blind and Beyond radio show.
  18. Linda Bennett has a couple of jokes.
  19. Jim Bean reports on replacing the leads for his talking volt meter.


  1. Stacey Robinson has a couple of items for sale.
  2. Vito Muraglia has a braille slate to sell.
  3. George Gray has some mailers for sale; tells us about The Circle of Love magazine and discusses books dealing with the occult.
  4. The Bazzles have a braille Bible to give away.
  5. Bojane Heap with "I'm not a Super Blink and I'm Proud of X."
  6. Bob Branco on finding a job and discusses website testing.
  7. Nancy Levy about texting; what are people doing with their Amazon devices and tells us about her holiday.
  8. Tom Lykins on Amazon Smart Speakers.
  9. Abbie Taylor on texting and using Amazon devices.
  11. Ginger Harms talks about the movie Bird Box.
  12. Why is School for Blind Musicians Being Evicted at Christmas Time?
  13. Irwin reminds you about our braille calendars.
  14. Veterinarians Learning more about Dementia in Dogs and Cats.
  15. Lucille Caruso ends with "I'm A Nut."