Table of contents March 2013.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Catie Mangrum has a song for St. Patrick's Day.
  3. Kate have some Spring Quotes.
  4. From Abbie Taylor: "Behind Our Eyes to Publish Second Anthology."
  6. Doug Hudson tells us that APH will be repairing Desktop recorders through April.
  7. Kate has a Raffle update.
  8. From Tom Kaufman: "The First Bionic Eye Sees Light of Day in the U.S."
  10. Robert Hassler tells us about new headphones from NLS and would like to hear from pen pals.
  11. Bojane Heap wants to hear a parody of a song and wonders how to reach a NLS narrator.
  12. Thanks to Mickey Prahin and Duncan Holmes for "Won't you Please come Home Disraeli?"
  13. We have March birthdays.
  14. Listen to some historical trivia.
  15. Adrijana Prokopenko tells about a "Blind Singles" group via E-mail.
  16. Ellen Boxrud is looking for the New York Times in large-print for a friend and Irwin has subscription information.
  17. We hear about pet therapy on campus.
  18. Irwin reviews the formats in which you can receive Newsreel.
  19. Brad Barrows has the jumble answer.
  20. Irwin with a new jumble for March.
  21. Ed Fedush with "Where to Retire."


  1. Thanks to the Bexley Lions for their support.
  2. Tom D'Agostino in The Wax Works with "When Irish Eyes are Smiling."
  3. Kate has an update on our new cookbook.
  4. Arlene Hebert with box cake mix recipes.
  5. We have more ways to use salt.
  6. Jeanne Corcoran has information on cooking deer meat and shares some recipes.
  7. Diane Motchuk with a comment on a recipe in February; discusses reducing sugar and sends in a recipe.
  8. Irwin asks for your jokes and music for the April issue.
  9. Ginger Harms needs help with editing on the Bookport DT and passes along some low calorie equivalents.
  10. From Deb Caldbeck: "The 2013 Darwin Awards."
  11. Bill Lewis sent in: "Dead Crows in Topeka Kansas."


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. We have Spike Jones with "Macnamara's Band."
  3. From Linda Bennett: "The Lilly's Message."
  4. Nancy Scott with an essay called "Marshmallow Peeps."
  5. Nolan Crabb reviews "The Perfect Summer." (DB 57009)
  6. From Second Sense: We learn about Audio File magazine, we hear about Lifeline, and Seminars at Hadley.
  7. Notetaker App Available.
  8. Blind MLB Pitcher Gets Rave Reviews at Training Camp.
  9. Margie Donovan is looking for information that was in a previous issue of Newsreel.
  10. Ellen Gormley has St. Patrick's Day wishes and would like to hear about home towns.
  11. Paul B. Smith has a Memory Lane trivia Question.
  12. From Ed Fedush: "a Nun Grading Test Papers."
  13. Kate would like your help with who sent in a Raffle item.
  14. Tammie Snyder demonstrates the Script Talk Station.
  15. Henry Furtak with the song "Cindy."


  1. Roberta Wilson-Mills and Kevin Walsh have two selections from Keltic Thunder.
  2. From Ed Fedush: "Some Odd Facts."
  3. From Linda Bennett: "Tribute to a Dog."
  4. Newsreel has an HP 4p legal-sized scanner for the cost of shipping.
  5. Kate has a correction for Keith Mcumber's phone number.
  6. Trish Cleary has a funny cat story; would like to hear your cat stories and tells us about visiting cats.
  7. Claude Long wants to hear from other Newsreelers.
  8. From Ed Fedush: "Blonde at the Crap Table."
  9. Janet Didsbury is looking for music CDRW disks.
  10. David Patch tells us about his change in life style.
  11. Victor Schmidt on noises from quiet cars.
  12. We have some facts from World Ar II.
  13. Marg Campbell plays a selection from West Side Story on her new piano.
  14. From Tom Kaufman: "New Ipad App for People with Sight Loss Needs Backing from Publishers."
  15. "A Cautionary Tale for the Clergy."
  16. From Bill Lewis: "Not All Thieves are Stupid!"