Table of contents March 2015.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. From Linda Bennett: the poem "March."
  3. We have a corrected phone number for Oehm Electronics.
  4. We learn about a chance to attend the 2015 ACB National Conference and Convention for free.
  5. We hear about a National Braille Association Conference.
  7. We have a reminder about jokes and music for April.
  8. Linda Webb sends in some riddles.
  9. Diana Burkhardt says her cassettes and cases are gone.
  10. Ed Fedush has a new phone number for the Window-Eyes team.
  11. We hear about Audio Biblical Book Making Inc.
  12. Diane Motchuk tells us about Bibles from Braille Bibles International; is looking for a "cake and bake" pan and wants to buy a cassette recorder.
  13. We have March birthdays.
  14. Bojane Heap is looking for a couple of people.
  15. Kate welcomes several new folks to the Newsreel Family and we learn that Gloria Siewerski passed away.
  16. Victor Schmidt has a reminder about cold cassettes.
  17. From the Columbus Dispatch: "Bionic Eyes Improving Sight for Virtually Blind."
  18. Marg Campbbell on PDF files and has a question about royalties.
  19. From Tom Kaufman we learn about problems accessing parts of ITunes 12.1.
  20. Amy Phillippi needs help with Youtube and NVDA.
  21. Tom Lykins on Linux and Amazon Echo.
  22. Carrie Thould is looking for someone and would like correspondence.
  23. Ginger Harms with a phone question and wants to know more about TV Ears.
  25. Irwin has some answers for the January jumble and a new one for March.
  26. Caremark is offering braille and large-print prescription labels.
  28. Claude Long is looking for a talking dictionary.
  29. Richard Brock has a phone number to call if you are having problems with your Magic Chef microwave.
  30. From the Columbus Dispatch: "Master Chair Caner Relys on Touch."


  1. Tom D'Agostino with a vaudeville act in The Wax Works.
  2. Kate tells us who won the cookbooks for February; what's available this month; has an update on "In The Newsreel Kitchen" and made a couple of recipes.
  3. Robert Wegner on cans and can openers; macaroni and cheese and has a spaghetti sauce recipe.
  4. We look at Campbell's Chunky Soups.
  5. Jeanne Corcoran has some crockpot deserts.
  6. Diane Motchuk with a recipe.
  7. Linda Brown says Schwan has no recorded or braille catalogs and she shares a crockpot desert recipe.
  8. Debra and Andy Jock introduce themselves and Andy comments on their microwave.
  9. Arthur Wilson is in the market for a cassette recorder.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Kate updates us on the Friendship Raffle.
  3. Nancy Scott sends in an essay called "Waffling."
  4. Nolan Crabb reviews "I'll Meet you There."
  5. From the National Federation of the Blind and the World Blind Union: we have an update on "The Book Treaty."
  6. Troy Sullivan sends in "Former Resident Urges Organ Donation."
  7. Jimmie Sue Castleberry comments on her experience at Radio Shack.
  8. From Deborah Kendrick: "Don't Make Assumptions about Folks with Handicapped Placards."
  9. We hear about Echo Location from the program Invisibilia.
  10. Marianne Daley with information about "Beginners Guide to Echo Location for the Blind and Visually Impaired."
  11. Kate says thanks for participating in our Newsreel survey.
  12. Mike Lantz is looking for a song; some air checks and wonders what happened to short wave.
  13. Irwin says we still have 2015 braille calendars and a single 2014 calendar.
  14. From Catie Frederick we learn about a survey on hotel accommodations.
  16. Abbie Taylor with "Danny Boy."


  1. Tim Hendel on the history of braille.
  2. John Wesley Smith on the new braille code.
  3. We tell you how to get a speech by kim Charlson on the UEB.
  4. "Michigan's First Blind Justice Aims to Inspire."
  5. "Visually Impaired Researcher Uses her Personal Journey to Movivate her Study."
  6. Marilyn Kirchner talks with Paul Walker about the surgery he had to improve his vision using his own stem cells.
  7. Marianne Daley sent in "The Pets in my Practice."
  8. Ted Maggio lets us know where to find the article "Pets Allowed."
  10. From the Columbus Dispatch: "Ford's CEO Expects Self Driving Car to Emerge in Five Years."