Table of contents March 2017.


  1. Bexley Ohio Lions underwriting announcement.
  2. Henry Furtak has a health update and shares some music.
  3. From Linda Bennett: "March."
  4. From Katie Frederick: "Uber Service Animal Policy Updates."
  5. We learn about a project that Alice Crespo started and about her new book.
  6. Nolan Crabb likes a wireless keyboard.
  7. Irwin demonstrates a cordless phone with Talking Caller ID.
  8. We have March birthdays.
  9. Leslie Miller likes BARD Express.
  10. U.S. Access Board Updates Requirements for Information in Communication Technology.
  11. Tom Lykins is looking for old braille transcription books.
  12. We hear about the Thru The Bible Solar Bible.
  14. Kevin Walsh on the Victor Stream.
  15. Kate welcomes some new and returning Newsreelers.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Gerry Gabrielli with a selection from The Golden Age of Radio from the March 2003 Newsreel.
  3. We tell you who won the books from February and we have new ones to give away in March.
  4. Robert Wegner is in The Kitchen Korner with "Things I didn't eat as a child and eat now."
  5. Kate shares a lazy day crockpot lasagna recipe.
  6. "Senators Try to Speed up Deployment of Self-driving Cars."
  7. Darrin Whitmore on an alternative to Dymo Tape.
  9. Robert Hassler has a source for Dymo Tape.
  10. Janet Didsbury on Dymo Tape.
  11. Jeanie Meador concerning Dymo Tape.
  12. We have more discussion on Dymo Tape.
  14. Mimi Winer has ideas for making labels and using a walker.
  15. From Marianne Daley: "Beloved but Broken Possessions Find New Life."
  17. Mike Lantz on Old-time-radio and is learning to use a touch-screen phone.
  18. Toni Eames tells us about the Rainbow II Color Reader.
  20. Dog Saves Owner from Assault on a Texas Trail.
  21. Barry Wood has a couple of items to pass along.
  22. "California Regulations for Driverless Cars Stall as Other States Speed Ahead."


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. We start the 2017 Friendship Raffle.
  3. From Nancy Scott: "Speak."
  4. We have some really bad jokes.
  5. Nolan Crabb reviews: "The Covenant" (DB 61142)
  6. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Audio Described Tour.
  7. Tim Hendel discusses his early computer use part 1.
  8. Lucille Caruso has a medical update.
  9. University of Chicago Receives 2.4 Million NIH Grant to Build Visual Prostheses.
  10. We ask for your submissions for the April issue.
  11. E. Z. Cleghorn sent in a link to a piece from Ronnie Milsap and Ray Charles.


  1. Duncan Holmes plays "Promenade in Spring."
  2. From Linda bennett: "Bless this Home."
  3. E. Z. Cleghorn on braille music.
  4. Hilliard ATANDT Employees Learn Sign Language to Talk with a Deaf Coworker.
  5. Ginger Harms about Alexa.
  7. Stuart Swartz demonstrates the Amazon Echo.
  8. Randi Shelton tells us about the Amazon Echo, the Tap and the Dot and demonstrates the first two. (Not on cassette)
  10. Al Daniels has a tip for new cane users.
  11. We hear about Corn-you-copia from Hap Holly.
  12. "Justices Side with Michigan Girl in Dispute over Service Dog."
  13. Robert Wegner tells us about a radio he got for Christmas.
  14. "Blind West Bloomfield Man Sues American Bar Association."
  16. We have answers for the February jumble and Eva Elfassy has a new jumble.
  17. From Toni Eames: "A Senior's Travelogue."