Table of contents April 2014.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. John Wesley Smith sent in the song "Who Stole my Underwear."
  3. Linda Bennett with the poem "April."
  4. Barb Frazier has a joke.
  5. Linda Vos is looking for a tutorial.
  6. Irwin has a saying from a t-shirt.
  7. CVS Pharmacy is now providing talking prescription labels.
  9. Rosetta Brown introduces herself and would like more information about publishing a book of poetry.
  10. Alice Crespo tells us about her new book.
  12. George Gray with jokes throughout the issue.
  13. Gayle Adams tells us about her new book.
  14. We have April birthdays.
  15. Irwin has a story to tell.
  16. Richard Brock is looking for empty 7-inch tape reels.
  17. Justice Department Enters Consent Decree with National Tax Preparer H&R Block.
  18. Catie Mangrum with a couple of jokes in the issue.
  19. "Listen to ACB Radio on your Phone."
  20. Nancy Levy would like to hear about your experiences with alarm systems.
  21. Tom Anderson has two cassette books to give away.
  22. Mimi Winer concerning writing checks on the computer.
  23. From Ed Fedush: "When Life was Really Fun."
  24. Loretta Palermo with a couple of jokes.
  25. From Second Sense: we learn about audio description, Blind Sport Podcast, music apps, the Snow Video Magnifier, and The Selective Doctor repairs braille writers.
  26. Ed Fedush with a joke.
  27. Rollie Hudson shares a song he wrote.


  1. Tom D'Agostino in The Wax works with a song about Barney Google.
  2. Kate has an update on our cookbook and shares a couple of recipes that folks sent in.
  3. Robert Wegner with a salad recipe.
  5. Diane Motchuk has a microwave recipe.
  6. Kathy Pritchard is looking for a couple of recipes.
  7. Jeanne Corcoran on learning braille and brings us some recipes.
  8. ACB Braille Forum and ACB Reports are now available as podcasts.
  9. Rita Tester would like more information about talking color identifiers; wants help with Clear View Reader; would like braille or audio lessons and wants more information on Clear TV.
  10. "Blind Man to Drive Motorcycle at Thunder in the Valley Air Show."
  12. John Correia has a novelty tune and would like correspondence.
  13. Lucille Caruso with a parody.
  14. We learn about a new Digital Talking Book accessory cable.
  15. Robert Hassler on Dymo Tape and has a couple of jokes.
  16. From Ed Fedush: "Walking on the Grass."


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Jan Blatz sends in "Sweet Simplicity."
  3. Kate has a Raffle update and tells us about some free braille cookbooks.
  4. Nancy Scott with the poem "Blame Radio Times and Poetry Month."
  5. Nolan Crabb reviews "Merle's Door: Lessons from a Free Thinking Dog." (DB 65346)
  7. From Deborah Kendrick: "First Responders Need Help to Deal with people with Disabilities."
  8. Joan Andrews about NLS magazines and books; has a Wake family update and tells us about a visit to the dentist.
  9. NLS Collection Development Advisory Group Update.
  10. Toni Eames sent us an article about a guide cat.
  11. We have "Guide Cats for the Blind."
  12. Social Security's Creation of the New Center for Section 504 Compliance."
  13. "Rules of Unified English Braille" are available.
  15. Duncan Holmes sent in "The Big Draft."


  1. We hear about The Big Broadcast.
  2. Duncan Holmes tells us about his new CD and we hear a sample.
  4. Diane Motchuk has an article about her guide dog.
  5. Getting Started with the Iphone and IOS 7.
  7. We received word that Robert Self and James Moore passed away.
  8. Jeanie Meador needs a braille calendar and is trying to find a friend.
  9. Linda Brown says she had a heart attack.
  10. Victor Schmidt updates us on his prostate cancer and has a joke.
  11. Sandy Warren has the jumble answer and Brad Barrows has a new one.
  12. We welcome new Life members.
  13. Gloria Rathbone would like correspondence and wonders if there are still any tape recording clubs.
  14. Linda Bennett with a joke.
  15. Pat Keating on flossing teeth.
  16. Gary Sivak has a joke.
  17. Ed Fedush sends in a Piano Adventure.