Table of contents April 2018.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Rollie Hudson has an arrangement of The Easter Parade.
  3. from Linda Bennett: "Suddenly it is Spring."
  4. Barb Frazier has more information on the ISVI reunion.
  5. Al Zubillaga is looking for cassette boxes and labels.
  6. Alice Massa is fooling around with the Braille 'n Speak.
  7. Patty Silver has a sad story for the April issue.
  8. We have April birthdays.
  9. Walkable Neighborhoods Grow in Popularity.
  10. Marg Schmitz on walking in the street.
  11. Natalie Byrne introduces herself and discusses walking in the street.
  12. We have a clarification about "walking in the street."
  13. Marianne Daley is really enjoying the "What Newsreel Means to you" articles; discusses walking in the street and has questions about i-devices and notebook computers.
  14. George Gray has an update on Camp Salom.
  15. Lucille Caruso with a joke.
  16. We welcome new Newsreel members.
  17. Jimmie Sue Castleberry comments on the i-Phone 8.
  18. Cliff Smales wants to find some thumb drives.
  19. From the Himalayan: "Supreme Court Orders Government to Allow Double Amputee Visually Impaired Persons to Climb Mt. Everest.
  20. Cheryl Morgan lets us know that Sue Starfas passed away.
  21. Steve Cassell tells us that Richard Alston has passed away.
  22. Tim Hendel with more on a cassette recorder.
  24. Mike OHarra is a cancer survivor.
  25. Mike OHarra sings Amazing Grace.


  1. Gerry Gabrielli with some sayings or jokes from the April 2004 Newsreel.
  2. Kate tells us who won our free books; what we have to give away this month and has an update on the Newsreel cookbook.
  3. Robert Wegner has a red cabbage recipe and would like suggestions for the Kitchen Korner.
  4. Jeanne Corcoran on what Newsreel means to her and she shares some recipes.
  5. John Wesley Smith with "breaking news."
  6. Diane Bankes with some recipes.
  7. Diane Motchuk on a new crockpot and sends in a recipe for marinated spare ribs.
  8. Doug Hudson tells us about Sermons on the Phone.
  9. Crystal Hester is in need of a Victor Stream and a notetaker.
  10. Lenora Tomporski with the jumble answer and Brad Barrows has a new jumble.
  11. Eva Elfassy on line dancing and more.
  12. Humans Slapped and Shouted at Robot Cars in Two of Six DMV Crash Reports.
  13. Frank Spurlock tells us about a new phone.
  14. Victor Schmidt has an update on the wedding with Amy.
  15. Al Daniels with "Dream."
  16. Kenneth Chrane is looking for some people and more information about a reunion.
  17. Adrijana Prokopenko is offering to braille calendars and other items.
  18. Lucille Caruso with some humor.
  19. We have more random facts from Toni Eames.


  1. Duncan Holmes sends in "The Laughing Policeman."
  2. From Linda Bennett: "Showers of April."
  3. Nolan Crabb reviews: "Hungry as the Sea." (DB 49119)
  4. Alice Massa has a poem in honor of National Poetry Month.
  5. Self-driving Uber Car Kills Pedestrian in Arizona.
  6. How Erasing a Disability can Erase a part of Identity.
  7. Trish Cleary with a sound effect.
  8. Irwin comments on sound effects.
  9. Brad Barrows with a sound effect.
  10. Joan Andrews comments on sound effects.
  11. From the Ohio Connection: we hear about Traveleyes.
  13. Vicky Ireland introduces herself to Newsreelers.
  14. Church Ladies with Typewriters.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Duncan Holmes has two songs from the April 1988 Newsreel.
  3. George Gray has a cassette eraser to sell and shares some puns throughout the issue.
  4. Bob Riibe tells us about a new internet radio from XM.
  5. E. Z. Cleghorn offers to help you get up and running with your i-Phone and other devices.
  6. Jane McIver comments on Newsreel's 60th anniversary and tells us about a voice-mail system.
  7. Kenneth Chrane tells about sources for old-time-radio.
  8. Joni Colver with some podcast recommendations.
  9. We have some library mailers to pass along.
  10. Phil Jackson on hearing aids.
  11. Lisa Burkart tells us about her surgery.
  12. Adrijana Prokopenko with The Importance of Braille Music.
  13. John Harden sent in a parody of "Achie Breakie."