Table of contents May 2013.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Henry Furtak with a salute to the United States Armed Forces.
  3. Nancy Scott has a correction for the Books and Beyond phone number.
  4. John W. Smith tells us about a possible job opportunity.
  6. Tim Hendel talks with Carrie Hooper and she reads some of her poetry.
  7. Nancy Levy on the Shingles vaccine.
  8. We have more information about Non-24 Sleep Wake Disorder.
  10. Chester Carnes would like to find a boombox.
  11. We have "New Definitions" from Ed Fedush.
  12. Lisa Burkhardt on satellite TV and we hear that her mother passed away.
  13. We have the obituary for Linda Salzman.
  14. Linda Bennett tells us that Joan Bemiller passed away.
  15. Amy Phillippi reads "The Touch of the Master's Hand."
  16. We have May birthdays.
  17. Keith McUmber reports on music and data CDS and talks about the availability of Newsweek and Reader's Digest from APH.
  18. From Linda Bennett: "Lilacs for Memorial Day."
  19. Richard Adams has a riddle and introduces the Adams family.
  20. We have an article about the uses of WD 40.
  21. Carrie Hooper with "Inspiring Teachers."
  22. Diane Motchuk has cat stories and the song "The Cat Came Back."


  1. Tom D'Agostino has a song in The Wax Works.
  2. From Linda Bennett: "Mother's Kitchen."
  3. Robert Wegner on preparing and cooking deer meat and would like to hear from Newsreelers about making gravy.
  4. We take a look at frozen fruits.
  5. Norene Trappa is looking for a cookbook.
  6. Jeanne Corcoran recommends a book; likes a talking clock and has some recipes.
  7. Kate has an update on the Newsreel Cookbook.
  8. Laurie Pettis with a recipe.
  9. From Randy Sheldon Good Information about Pineapples.
  10. Marianne Daley sends in security Information about PINS.
  11. Victor Schmidt is looking for a couple of books.
  12. Blind Drivers Behind the Steering Wheel.
  13. Angels as Explained by Children.
  14. From Ed Fedush: "Jesus is Watching You!"


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Jan Blatz with "When you and I were Young Maggie Blues."
  3. "A Spring Poem" by Keith McUmber.
  4. Nolan Crabb reviews "What Dreams May Come." (DB 58019)
  5. "Blind Photographer Inspires Other Students."
  6. Carrie Hooper with "People Worship."
  7. Bojane Heap reports on her trip to Boston.
  8. Tom Anderson would like information on "Voice on the Go.
  9. Tammie Snyder wants to know where to get material brailled from print.
  10. Mike Lantz tells us about a friend who is trying to get a book published and is looking for some people.
  11. From Tom Kaufman: "Getting a Brain Boost through Exercise."
  12. Arthur Wilson reports on the availability of documents from Social Security on CD.
  13. From Second Sense: Attention Young Musicians and Employment Mentoring Project.
  14. Garnet Claypool is looking for some recordings.
  15. Linda Bennett with "In The Arms of May."
  16. Brad Barrows has the jumble answer and a new jumble.
  17. Don Haines shares a song with us.


  1. We have part two of Jack Benny's Golden Memories of Radio.
  2. Irwin tells us about "Sunday Nights at Seven: the Jack Benny Story."
  3. Carrie Hooper with the poem "An Unexpected Blessing."
  4. Jon German discusses boxed sets of music CDS and puts on some Hank Williams music.
  5. Carrie Hooper with a final poem.
  6. Tom D'Agostino with medleys from his 1965 band.
  7. From Ed Fedush: "Getting Older."