Table of contents May 2016.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Linda Bennett sent in "Mom's Day Poem."
  3. Nancy Levy has information about older cell phones that may not work starting in 2017.
  4. Debbie Donnellan tells us about the West Virginia School for the Blind Alumni Reunion.
  5. Linda Webb has Mother's Day jokes and riddles throughout the issue.
  6. Doug Hudson is looking for a refurbished braille writer.
  7. Garnet Claypool wants some poems in braille.
  8. Newsreel invites you to our "Get Together" at the ACB National Conference and Convention.
  9. We have May birthdays.
  10. Lucille Caruso is in need of a 4-track recorder.
  11. Mary Snelgrove has a braille music book to give away.
  12. "FCC Poised to Expand Descriptive Audio."
  13. Irwin tells you about a stereo microphone he likes.
  14. Marg Campbell is looking for a puzzle.
  15. Carrie Cischke really enjoyed the April Newsreel.
  16. Chester Carnes wants a short-wave radio; a police scanner and a CD recorder.
  17. From Marianne Daley: "U.S. Postal Stamps will Feature Cats in 2016."
  19. Lisa Burkhardt has cassettes to give away.
  20. Mike Lantz on hearing loss and he is in need of a cassette recorder.
  21. From the Columbus Dispatch: "Health Backpack Designed by College Kids Helps Autistic Kids Feel Secure and Stimulated."
  22. Kate welcomes a new Life member and a New Zealand subscriber.
  23. "Billions Pledged for Self-Driving Vehicles."
  24. From Linda Bennett: "A Memory."
  25. Bill Tidwell reads about General Logan's Memorial Day Orders.
  26. Ed Fedush with "The Veterans' Poem."
  27. Taps in Holland.


  1. Tom D'Agostino in The Wax Works with "Istanbul."
  2. Kate has a crockpot recipe and talks about free cookbooks.
  3. Robert Wegner is in The Kitchen Korner with a recipe for stuffed cabbage.
  4. Jeanne Corcoran likes Newsreel on cartridge and shares some recipes.
  5. Diane Motchuk with a recipe.
  6. Pam Spurlock has an 800 number for Vermont Country Store and recommends a cookbook.
  7. Marilyn Smith about Magnets and Ladders tells us about responses to the Newsreel articles on AM radio from a bulletin board and lets us know about the latest Scentsy catalog.
  8. Victor Schmidt with a recipe he likes and is looking for a couple of songs.
  9. Joan Andrews comments on AM radio and wonders about marking appliances.
  10. Jeanie Meador with the March jumble answer and Irwin has a new jumble for May.
  11. Nolan Crabb reviews: "Mourning Lincoln."
  12. Marie Rudys with a song.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. From Linda Bennett: "A Mother's Day Blessing."
  3. John Correia with a piece from Stan Freberg.
  4. Nancy Scott with "Sometimes Murphy Chirps."
  5. Bob Riibe on thyroid tests; an anniversary; AM radio and would like pen pals.
  6. "Wearable Mobility Device for the Blind and Visually Impaired being Developed by Toyota."
  8. Sandra Connor reports on voting independently and Irwin has comments.
  9. Ellen Flourie would like pen pals and wants a short-wave radio.
  10. "Teaching Computers to Describe Images as people Would."
  11. We learn about Send to Braille.
  13. From the Columbus Dispatch: "Self-driving Cars will Create Their Own Problems."
  14. Kate talks Raffle.
  15. Don Haines plays the piano for the 2016 Voice-corps Volunteer Recognition Dinner.


  1. Jan Blatz is at the piano for the 2016 Voice-corps Volunteer Recognition Dinner.
  2. Gary Austin has an Ipal and a Versapoint braille embosser for sale.
  3. Tim Hendel and Debra Saylor review Marg Campbell's CD.
  4. Linda Gray would like correspondence.
  5. Tom Lykins wants to hear songs from schools for the blind.
  6. What I Wish I had Known about Retinitis Pigmentosa.
  7. Laurie Pettis tells us about her album and shares a sample.
  8. "China Poised to Take Leap in Developing Driverless Car."
  9. Bob Clayton on 50 thousand watt stations.
  10. From Deb Caldbeck: "Lowering AM Station Power."
  12. Tom Lykins on AM radio and has questions about atomic watches.
  13. Bojane Heap tells us about a trip to Florida and a service dog.
  14. Russel Carrick sends us word of the passing of his guide dog and a friend shares a poem.
  15. Tammie Snyder wants to hear from people with a specific eye condition.
  16. "Hilarious Things my Mother Taught Me."