Table of contents May 2018.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Duncan Holmes sent in: "He's not just a Soldier."
  4. From Linda Bennett: "Men of Courage."
  5. Ginger Harms wonders about rebuilding a battery for the Bookport Plus and wants to know more about a digital recorder from Speak-to-me.
  6. Kate has an update on our 60th anniversary cookbook.
  7. Tim Hendel comments on the April issue.
  8. We have May birthdays.
  9. Sharon Strzalkowski tells us about a podcast she likes.
  10. Bob Branco has a friend who is in need of a computer.
  11. Leo Schecter would like a cassette recorder.
  12. From Tom Kaufman: "Ohio Requires Accessible Absentee Ballots for the Blind."
  13. Charles Dickens has memories of Newsreel.
  14. Jalil Mortazavi would like you to do a short review of his new book.
  15. Kate welcomes three new subscribers and two new Life members.
  16. From Tom Kaufman: "Risk of Falling for a Medicare Card Replacement Scam.
  17. Beth Hunter is in need of an accessible carbon monoxide detector.
  18. Linda O'neal has the jumble answer and Eva Elfassy has a new one.
  19. Richard Hardy demonstrates the ScripTalk.
  20. Ernie Breece tells us of the passing of Newsreeler Dessie Page.
  21. Kenneth Chrane says that Sue Ameter has passed away and Ken is looking for someone.
  22. "Kayaker Afloat."


  1. Gerry Gabrielli has a recording from 1936.
  2. Kate tells you who won our free books in April; what we have to give away in May and she says thanks.
  3. Robert Wegner has a recipe for fried spinach.
  4. From Linda Bennett: "Mother's Cookbook."
  5. Jeanne Corcoran shares some recipes.
  6. Ruthie Wagoner has a recipe.
  7. Kate with a recipe for Crispy Rice Treats.
  8. Kishia Mason has a recipe.
  9. From Linda Bennett: "Mother's Recipe."
  10. Philip Jackson is looking for an apartment complex for the blind; tells us how he got started with Newsreel and comments on a jack on a cassette recorder.
  11. Irwin has a note concerning Discover Card and braille.
  12. Bojane Heap reads: "The Diner with a Braille Menu."
  13. From Doug Hudson: New List on Cooking with Small Appliances.
  15. Garnet Claypool is in need of a braille pattern of a church.
  16. Grady Ebert is looking for someone and tells how he got started with Newsreel.
  17. Diane Motchuk tells us about labels; a clinical thermometer and other items available from The Braille Superstore.
  18. Repair Shop Integral Part of Competition at Paralympics.
  19. Tom Lykins would like a song and comments on what type of OTR he enjoys.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Laurie Pettis with "Jesus Would you Come by Here?"
  4. Kate has a Raffle update.
  5. Nancy Scott with "Glass Memories."
  6. From the Columbus Dispatch: "Driverless Cars could be Boon for Blind."
  7. Joan Andrews talks about self-driving cars.
  8. Blind and Visually Impaired Adults Get Lots of TV Time, but Awareness of Assistive Tools Remains Low.
  9. Duncan Holmes comments on braille music.
  10. Al Daniels sent in an article about braille music.
  11. Bob Riibe on memories of his wedding and discusses keeping sidewalks clean and in good repair.
  12. Doug Hudson about Sermons on the Phone and discusses walking in the middle of the road.
  13. Alice Fields on sound effects and appreciates the support from Newsreelers.
  14. Lucille Caruso has a few sound effects.
  15. From Lucille Caruso: "We are the Robots."


  1. From May 1987: Stan Doran discusses a guide dog user and a cane user walking together; Toni and Ed Eames talk about accessible transportation and streets in Japan and they visit a zoo.
  2. Kate talks to Stephen Kuusisto about his new book "Have Dog will Travel."
  3. E. Z. Cleghorn on using an i-pad; getting a refurbished computer
  4. and sending e-mail.
  5. Julie Piper on a laptop computer or an i-pad.
  6. Abbie Taylor with "Technology and Marriage."
  8. We have news from Blindfold Games about adding braille support.
  9. From Ann Chiappetta: "Reaching out."
  10. Xavier Society for the Blind announces that Roland Hudson has joined its advisory group.