Table of contents June 2016.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. From Linda Bennett: "Old Glory."
  3. Marg Campbell on the puzzle she wanted and on solving a Rubix Cube.
  4. Regie Anglen introduces himself and would like correspondence.
  5. Tom Lykins is looking for a female pen pal.
  6. We have information about the National Federation of the Blind national Convention.
  7. Tom Anderson has a couple CDS to give away.
  8. We have details about the national American Council of the Blind convention.
  10. Cheryl Morgan needs cassette mailers.
  11. Toni Eames sent in some jokes.
  12. We hear about Audio Biblical Bookmaking Inc.
  13. Vicky Ireland has an e-sound birthday card.
  14. We have June birthdays.
  15. Gloria Rathbone is looking for someone.
  16. We welcome two new Newsreel members.
  17. Fannie Beachy introduces herself and is looking for Lois Howard.
  18. Mimi Winer suggests a Newsweek article about Ipoly.
  20. Marie Rudys is in need of a keyboard.
  21. Linda Webb has Father's Day jokes throughout the issue.
  22. Joan Andrews on AM radio and voting.
  23. Al Zubillaga on AM radio and needs a talking thermometer for a friend.
  24. Philip Jackson on "Kids Day" and is looking for print-braille alphabet cards.
  25. We learn that Gerry Gabrielli passed away.
  26. Diane Motchuk reports on the loss of a friend.
  27. "Federal Court Finds Ohio Blind Voters Denied Meaningful Access."
  28. Abbie Taylor with a poem.


  1. Gerry Gabrielli from 1993 about our National Anthem.
  2. Kate with some mysteries you might be able to help us solve; tells us about the cookbooks given away last month and has this month's free cookbooks.
  3. Robert Wegner on preparing greens.
  4. Jeanne Corcoran about a tape recorder; comments on RP and has some recipes.
  5. Diane Motchuk with a recipe.
  6. Kate has a Raffle update.
  7. From Jane McIver: "Genius Uses for your Microwave."
  8. Irwin has thoughts on grocery shopping.
  9. From Hap Holly "A Poem that was Us.
  10. Catie Frederick sent in: "Automatic Alternative Text Product Launch."
  12. From Tom Kaufman and Marianne Daley: "Low Cost Refreshable Braille Display set to Revolutionize the Market."


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. From Linda Bennett: "June is Coming."
  3. Nolan Crabb reviews "Empire." (DB 66281)
  4. Bojane Heap with an article titled: "Accounts Let Disabled Save Without Risk to Government Aid.
  5. Nancy Levy on voting.
  6. Barbara Mattson on a pet peeve; comments on correspondence and discusses voting.
  7. Kevin Walsh on driverless cars; help from Microsoft and talks about Computers for the Blind.
  8. Marianne Daley sent in information on the free Windows 10 upgrade for customers who use assistive technologies.
  10. Lisa Burkhardt on help with testing blood sugars.
  11. Bojane Heap concerning driverless cars and friends.
  12. "Ground Breaking Settlement to End Discrimination Against Blind Uber Riders who Use Guide Dogs."
  14. Mike Lantz on AM radio.
  15. Brad Barrows has the answer for the May jumble and has a new one for June.
  16. Philip Jackson on air travel and guide dogs.
  17. B. T. Kimbrough shares the KSB school song.


  1. Tim Hendel with two songs from Batavia.
  2. Beth Terranova has information about braille writer repair.
  4. We have another source for braille writer repair.
  5. Tom Lykins talks about police scanners.
  6. Kate shares quotes for Father's Day.
  7. "Further Currency Delay Raise Concerns."
  8. Bob Riibe on the update for the Bookport Desktop.
  10. Linda Permar would like to hear from users of Windows 10.
  11. "Will Technologies like the Hyperloop Destroy our Jobs?"
  12. From the Columbus Dispatch: "Americans with Disabilities Act Changed the Law and Attitudes of our Society."
  13. Adrijana Prokopenko on selling blindness related products.
  14. "Consumer Devices Move in on Hearing Aid Trade."
  15. Duncan Holmes introduces Red Skelton's Salute to The American Flag.