Table of contents June 2018.


  1. From Jane McIver: "New Medicare Cards are in the Mail."
  2. Karen Marshall comments on the braille Discover card.
  3. Gary Sivak wonders if Gadgets and More is still in business?
  4. From Ann Chiappetta: "Driving Blind."
  5. Diane Motchuk tells us about a new radio she likes.
  6. From Gary Householder: "TV that Talks."
  7. Padgett McKenzie has a complaint about Apple and would like help in getting books from Audible.
  8. Ralph Martinez is looking for help downloading using Microsoft Edge.
  9. Pat Wise would like some help in making Windows 10 more user friendly?
  10. Robo Calls Flooding your Cell Phone? Here's how to Stop them!
  11. Alice Massa reminds you about our 60th Anniversary and how you can help.
  12. Start Up to Roll out Robot Vans.
  13. We have June birthdays.
  14. Kate has quotes from Helen Keller.
  15. "Five Things to do when Anxiety has a Hold of You."
  16. Kenneth Chrane has a recording from The Hadley School in 1960.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Gerry Gabrielli has a duet from the June 2004 Newsreel.
  3. Kate tells us who won books in May and we have new offerings for June.
  4. Robert Wegner has a Kitchen Korner with a bean recipe.
  5. Jeanne Corcoran with some recipes.
  6. Kate has an update on our 60th Anniversary Cookbook.
  7. Ruth Failor is looking for a recipe.
  8. Tom Lykins on cooking.
  9. Rita Tester would like help with her flat-top stove and she is looking for a talking Bible.
  10. Mike Lantz on the death of radio.
  11. Ginger Harms on batteries for the talking thermometer.
  12. NASA Uber Team up to Get Flying Taxis off the Ground.
  13. Carrie Hooper has a language adventure.
  14. Ed Snively on Newsreel.
  15. "What Happens when Robots Sound to Much like Humans?"
  16. Ginger Harms comments on an earphone and NASCAR schedules available from the Perkins Library.
  17. Stuart and Lois Swartz have the song Tom Lykins wanted.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Laurie Pettis has a song in honor of Father's Day.
  3. Kate talks about the Friendship Raffle.
  4. US Prosecutors Sue to Shut Down Clinic Selling Unproven Stem Cell Treatments.
  5. Jane McIver reviews the B2G and comments on apartments for the blind.
  6. Leo Schecter is looking to buy a 2nd Generation Victor Stream.
  7. "Snakes on a plane: not on American Airlines."
  8. We have new flyers and brochures to pass along if you would like to talk about Newsreel.
  9. We learned that Lowell Conley and Rod Gowen have passed away.
  10. From Tom Kaufman: Marlaina Lieberg passed away.
  11. John Wesley Smith about his experience with the Microsoft Disability Help Desk.
  12. From Tom Kaufman: "Teen Creates Device Enabling the Blind to Get Around Better, Even Get Jobs."
  13. LaBelle Murtha has the jumble answer and we have a new jumble from Gayle Adams.
  14. From Tom Kaufman: "Blue Light from Phones Computers could Lead to Eye Problems."
  15. From Linda Bennett: "Plan for Tomorrow."
  16. Alice Massa suggested the song "Oh My Papa" for June.


  1. We have some Louisiana history from the June 1987 Newsreel.
  2. George Gray has cassettes to sell.
  3. Alice Crespo is selling her new book.
  4. Jake Miller is making items to sell and tells us about his history with Newsreel.
  5. John Wesley Smith says a friend has a Handi-Cassette recorder for sale.
  6. Diane Motchuk about a braille slate.
  7. We hear about JAWS training.
  8. Richard McKinley on braille screen input on i-devices.
  9. From Marianne Daley: "The Doctor who Really Feels his Patients' Pain."
  10. Abbie Taylor tells us about the latest edition of Magnets and Ladders
  11. and she shares a poem.
  12. Nancy Levy on dealing with the loss of sight.
  13. E. Z. Cleghorn on ways to get books; would like to know what you remember about reading when you were growing up and he got a new talking clock.
  15. Trish Cleary would like to hear some crazy cat stories.
  16. We meet Simba sent in by Duncan Holmes.
  17. Marianne Daley sent in sounds of some howling Lynx.
  19. Alice Massa sent in a link to the song "Father's and Daughters."