Table of contents July 2016.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Henry Furtak with "The Entertainer."
  3. Bill Tidwell reads a poem from Linda Bennett titled "July Days."
  4. Chester Carnes about a tape recorder.
  5. Bojane Heap tells us about a new cassette recorder.
  6. Mike Lantz on a new cassette recorder and is looking for some music.
  7. Linda Webb with jokes and riddles throughout the issue.
  8. Nancy Levy on her new phone.
  9. Tom Lykins needs help with WordPerfect 6.0; would like suggestions for a stylus; wants braille correspondence and is in need of mailers to send braille.
  10. Ginger Harms on Olympus microphones.
  11. We have July birthdays.
  12. Notices for Accessible Prescription Drug Labeling.
  14. Tammie Snyder wonders what Podcasts you get on your Stream?
  15. From the Summer 2016 Ohio Connection: "Our Unforgettable France Experience" by Katie Frederick with Vicky Prahin.
  16. Joan Andrews on keeping in touch and has a watch to pass along.
  17. A New and Feature-Rich Optacon is Now Virtually Complete.
  18. Ellen Flourie needs an MP3 CD player.
  19. Laurie Pettis with the Oak Hill school song.


  1. We have a selection from Gerry Gabrielli.
  2. Kate tells us who won the cookbooks in June and we have new ones for July and Kate says that Maggie Nettles "The Kitchen Korner" cookbook is at a reduced price.
  3. Robert Wegner on cooking and eating.
  4. Jeanne Corcoran on testing blood sugar; concerning UEB from NLS and shares some recipes.
  5. Victor Schmidt with a recipe.
  6. Pam Spurlock tells us about a couple of grocery items.
  7. Linda O'neal talks about shopping and comments on naturalization.
  8. Deb Caldbeck on grocery shopping.
  9. 121 Good Eating Tips.
  11. "Blind Man Sues McDonald's Over Car-only Drive Through Policy."
  12. We have a notice from the TSA.
  14. We received word that Helen Huddleston passed away.
  15. We have the obituary for Earlene Waldron.
  16. We report on the passing of Sister Alverna O'laughlin.
  17. Duncan Holmes reports on his stormy Camp Salom trip.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Bill Tidwell reads: "Time."
  3. We have a Raffle update.
  4. Nancy Scott sent in: "I Don't Really Know."
  5. Nolan Crabb reviews "The system: The Glory and Scandal of Big Time College Football."
  6. Braille Book Read by Blind Narrator on BARD.
  7. Tim Hendel with his "Declaration of Independence."
  8. "A Ball Bounced into the Road and Other Hazards."
  9. U.S. Transportation Secretary Announces Columbus Win of Smart City Money.
  10. Bojane Heap on voting.
  11. Abbie Taylor shares a poem and she sings two of her favorite summer songs.


  1. Al Daniels with "The Lonesome Road" from his new CD.
  2. Bette Smith has some items for sale.
  3. Vito Muraglia has Twilight Zone shows for sale.
  4. Doug Hudson is selling an internet router.
  5. Kate reads about the VFO Acquisition of AI Squared.
  6. VFO has bought AI Squared.
  7. Andy Jock is looking for correspondence.
  8. We have more information about Stable Accounts.
  10. Philip Jackson about some recent excitement.
  11. From NBP: Learn the Mac with El Capitan! and we hear about The Tactile Caliper.
  12. Joseph Colvin is looking for credit card suggestions.
  13. Diane Motchuk is in need of a Road Runner Talking Bible.
  14. New Category on Apple's On-line Store Targets Individuals with Impairments.
  15. Kay Groff is looking for a fast speed tape recorder.
  16. Bojane Heap reads "As seen on TV, Millions Spent on TV Ad for Drug that Targets Blind People."
  17. Grady Ebert would like to hear from folks who went to the Louisiana School for the Blind.
  18. Bob Branco is looking for class mates from Perkins School for the Blind.
  19. Angela Gatteys with the jumble answer and Lucille Caruso has a new one.
  20. "To Avoid Dinosaurs, Mammals Evolved to See Better in the Dark."
  21. We hear about a National Voting Rights Card in braille and large-print.
  23. Greg Daniel on Taps.