Table of contents July 2017.


  1. Darrin Whitmore with the song "Rolling Thunder."
  2. From Linda Bennett: "Fourth of July Celebrations."
  3. Marianne Daley is looking for people who do crafts involving looms.
  4. Patty Silver with more on labeling tape.
  5. Robert Wegner says that American Thermoform has braille labels.
  6. Mimi Winer tells us that APH has clear labels.
  7. From Doug Hudson: "Seedlings Adds Three New Titles in UEB to It's Big Kid Book Collection."
  8. Shelley Johns tells us about "Cards that Talk."
  10. John Wesley Smith on migrating from Window-Eyes to JAWS; using NVDA and tells us about a digital recorder.
  11. From Lee Tucker we have resources to help you switch from WindowEyes.
  12. We have July birthdays.
  13. Mike Lantz on relationships; is learning to use the iphone and talks about radio stations.
  14. E. Z. Cleghorn discusses radio station WSM.
  15. "The Americans with Disabilities Act is under Attack in Congress."
  16. Laurie Pettis shares a song.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Gerry Gabrielli from the July 2003 Newsreel.
  3. Kate has an update on our give-aways.
  4. Robert Wegner has a barbecue sauce recipe.
  5. Jeanne Corcoran with some recipes.
  6. Diane Motchuk talks about a cake recipe and suggests some frosting.
  7. Kate has an update on the Friendship Raffle.
  8. Ellen Flourie has information about Joni and Friends.
  9. Duncan Holmes sent in a brief interview by Joni Earickson Tada.
  10. Hap Holly sends in advice on dealing with Phishing Scams.
  11. We have Bits and Bytes from The Summer 2017 Ohio Connection including: Free Ipads for Students; Stsretch your Dollars; Link Reading App for Android; AFB'S Health Insurance Navigator; Getting Started Kit for Those New to Vision Loss; Understanding the FMLA; Low Cost Computing; and Do you Qualify for Benefits?
  12. Tom Lykins cannot play the "through the Bible" series on his NLS digital player and reports on his braille embosser.
  13. Kate says thanks for your suggestions on increasing membership.
  14. Chiko Dinaka tells us about Philmore Productions and Net-by-Phone.
  15. Diane Motchuk tells us about "Inspired by the Bible Experience."
  16. We have one braille 2017 calendar remaining.
  17. From Duncan Holmes: "Say a Prayer for the Boys Over There."


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Henry Furtak with "When I Came Unto this Land."
  3. Nolan Crabb reviews: "The QB: My Life Behind the Spiral." (DB 87062)
  4. From Nancy Scott: "Being Gorgeous."
  5. "Air BNB Hosts more Likely to Reject the Disabled a Study Finds."
  6. From Katie Frederick: "New Tool Allows Deaf-Blind people to Independently Watch TV."
  7. "How do Visually Impaired Swimmers know where their Opponents are?"
  9. Joan Andrews tells us about "Behind Our Eyes" in braille.
  11. From Tom Kaufman: "Bronze Braille American Flag Helps Visually Impaired Veterans to Connect to Their Service."
  13. From Marianne Daley: "Are Pets the New Probiotic?"
  14. Jane McIver with The National Federation of the Blind Files an ADA Lawsuit.
  15. We have more thoughts from Stephen Wright.


  1. Richard Hardy sends in a song.
  2. Bob Branco sent in "Branco's Bites."
  3. From Marianne Daley: "Where the Teacher's Pet Sleeps in a Dog Bed."
  4. "Lyft said it will work with Driverless Software Company Neutonomy to Develop Fleets of Driverless Vehicles."
  5. We have the jumble answer for June and a new one for July.
  6. "People with Disabilities at Risk in Central African Republic."
  7. We learn about "The Untold Story of the Talking Book." (DB 87099)
  8. Victor Schmidt and Amy concerning a relationship between a blind man and a sighted woman.
  9. We have relationship advice from