Table of contents July 2018.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. We begin with "The Stars and Stripes Forever."
  4. Mary Sefzik has Guide Post cassettes to pass along.
  5. Jean LaGrange with 2018 hurricane names.
  6. Bob Clayton tells us how he got started with Newsreel.
  7. Marianne Daley comments on braille using i-devices; help from Microsoft; reading; is looking for some books and has some cat stories.
  8. John W. Smith with an update on his computer.
  9. We welcome some new newsreelers; three new Life members and a returning subscriber.
  10. Jane McIver has comments regarding Windows 10.
  11. Mike Lantz tells us about his girl friend; says a friend is looking for people who went to the Michigan School for the blind and Mike would welcome correspondence.
  12. From Patty Silver: "Visually Impaired Inventors Dream for Smart Baby Buggy Made Real by Students."
  13. Tom Lykins is disappointed in a radio and would like your suggestions.
  14. Kate has July birthdays.
  15. From the Columbus Dispatch: "His Dream Started with a 16-inch Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza."
  16. From Deb Caldbeck: "Three Classical Themes that should Never be Played in Ragtime."


  1. Gerry Gabrielli from July 2004 with The Verse Game.
  2. Kate tells us who won our free offers in June and what we have in July.
  3. Robert Wegner with his Kitchen Korner on microwaves.
  4. George Gray shares a recipe.
  5. Pam Spurlock has some recipes and is looking for one.
  6. Kate has an update on our new cookbook.
  7. Peggy Shoel is looking for help with microwave cooking.
  8. Peapod Showcases Committment to Accessibility.
  10. Natalie Byrne wonders about alternatives to a Dutch Oven.
  11. We learned of the passing of three Newsreelers.
  12. From Ann Chiappetta: "Please Don't use that Word!"
  13. From Marianne Daley: "A Non-Profit that has Taught braille for 88 Years Partners with Apple to Teach Coding to the Blind."
  14. From Tom Kaufman: "Hearing Memory Guides Blind Violist."
  15. We hear about a program for learning classical guitar.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. We have some Fourth of July quotes.
  3. Laurie Pettis with "Shine the Light."
  4. Nolan Crabb reviews "I will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives." (DBC 06869)
  5. Nancy Scott with "A Wonderful Wish."
  6. Marilyn Smith tells us about some free journaling workshops.
  7. Gayle Adams comments on books.
  8. Bob Branco on audible traffic signals.
  9. Diane Bankes about "Driving Blind."
  10. From Jane McIver: "Fcc Announces new Non-Broadcast Networks Subject to Description Requirements."
  11. We have an update on the Friendship Raffle.
  12. Doug Thibaut would like help with Netflix on the i-phone.
  13. Ty Bellini is looking for rechargeable batteries and an i-phone.
  14. Linda Bennett sent in: "Lexington Business's Goal: Build a Better Dog Harness."
  16. Robert Herrick introduces himself and talks about his boxing podcast.
  18. We have the final piece from the 1960 Hadley School recording.


  1. We have selections from the July 1987 Newsreel.
  2. Alice Crespo tells us she is an Avon representative.
  4. E. Z. Cleghorn asks for your prayers; discusses Apple updates; Windows 10; Browsers and one way to access the Bible.
  5. From Tom Kaufman: "Freedom Scientific Partners with Computers for the Blind."
  7. Ruthie Wagoner is looking for a male friend.
  8. Marg Schmitz on cats; synesthesia and has something to give away.
  9. Jane McIver with an answer to the jumble; we have an alternative answer and Brad Barrows with a new jumble.
  10. Duncan Holmes demonstrates the Orbit Reader 20.
  11. Irwin has a strange sound for you.
  12. Pastor Philip Jackson on hearing aids.
  13. Garnet Claypool with a joke.
  14. Irwin has a new e-mail address.
  15. Clarence Fountain led Blind Boys of Alabama ends the issue.