Table of contents August 2013.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Catie Mangrum has a vacation song from Hawaii.
  3. From Linda Bennett: "August is a Copper Kettle."
  4. George Gray reports on Camp Salom.
  5. Marty Honaker shares information about The Gospel Light Foundation.
  7. Ruth Failor has information about a book that Victor Schmidt wanted.
  8. Marianne Daley sends in "Help with Managing Finances for People with Disabilities."
  10. Carrie Hooper tells us about a chorus she joined and sings a song.
  11. We have August birthdays.
  12. Peggy Covey wonders about sending braille overseas.
  13. We received a braille letter from Posman Chigamba looking for braille material and supplies.
  14. Ann Chiappetta has an update.
  15. Jerry Manter is looking for a dog statue.
  16. Rita Tester wonders about using a "touch screen" copier; is looking for a cookbook and Irwin has a suggestion.
  17. Christine Chaikin on accessible Iphone Apps.
  18. From George Gray and Tom Kaufman: "Israeli Startup's Seeing Aid for the Blind Sees Big Demand."
  20. Mary Ann DeLong has the answer for the July jumble and Irwin has a new one for August.
  21. "U.S. Access Board Releases Guidance on Access to Prescription Drug Container Labels."
  23. Nancy Levy would like to find a treadmill.


  1. Tom D'Agostino in The Wax Works with "Kalamazoo."
  2. Kate on the Newsreel party; the ACB Convention and our new cookbook.
  3. Robert Wegner with more about making sauerkraut.
  4. Rita Tester with some recipes.
  5. Pat Keating comments on making pork chops.
  6. Linda Bennett with a pork chop recipe.
  7. Jeanne Corcoran on substituting for cream of mushroom soup; tells us about dried mushrooms and shares some recipes.
  8. Ed Fedush sent in some useful tips.
  9. The Ohio Girls sing Carmen Ohio.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Kate Sniderman sent in a summer song.
  3. Nolan Crabb reviews "Last of the Breed."
  4. John Wesley Smith reviews "Never Let me Go."
  5. Abbie Taylor tells us about a new book from "Behind Our Eyes" and shares a poem.
  7. Ed Fedush sends in some riddles.
  8. Irwin talks with Don Olsen from the National Library Service about what's new.
  9. From the Columbus Dispatch: "Non Profits to Employ Disabled in Raising Crops."
  10. We find out what the Bureau of Printing and Engraving is doing to make currency more accessible.
  12. "Upcoming Court Decisions."


  1. We have part five of Jack Benny's Golden Memories of Radio.
  2. We learn about "The School for Piano Technology for the Blind."
  4. Ed Fedush sent us a link of a prodigy featured on the Ellen Degeneres show.
  6. "Weight Watchers Announces Comprehensive Digital and Print Accessibility Initiative."
  8. Ed Fedush sent in quotes from Yogi Berra.