Table of contents August 2017.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. From Linda Bennett: "August Night."
  3. Irwin discusses Newsreel formats and how to send in articles.
  4. We welcome some new and returning subscribers.
  5. "Indoor Navigation Coming to the New APH Nearby Explorer App."
  6. Kate has August birthdays.
  7. Diane Motchuk is looking for an audible battery tester.
  8. Dana Ard on braille music and wants to upgrade her cell phone.
  9. Man Overboard Uses Prosthetic Leg to Stay Afloat.
  10. Tim Hendel on relationships.
  11. Duncan Holmes reports on his trip to Los Vegas and we have a clip from Terry Fator.


  1. Gerry Gabrielli with a piece from the August 2003 Newsreel.
  2. Kate has our give-away winners for July and has new give-aways for August.
  3. Robert Wegner enjoyed a recipe on Newsreel and shares a meatloaf recipe.
  4. Kate has a ginger bread loaf recipe.
  5. Pam Spurlock with a recipe.
  6. Joan Andrews comments on an unusual food combination; discusses baseball and shares an article about e-Sight glasses.
  7. "Retailers Websites Must Comply with Americans with Disabilities Act, Court Rules."
  8. Bojane Heap shares an article from Syndicated Colunists Weekly.
  10. From The Columbus Dispatch: "Remote Care Giving: Monitoring Clients through Technology Saves Money Fills Needs."
  11. E. Z. Cleghorn is looking for some audio described TV; plans to describe the Blind Mice Movie Vault next month; wants to know more about ACB and NFB and likes the Amazon Echo as a speaker.
  12. Jeanie Meador with the jumble answers and we have a new jumble for August.
  13. Tom Lykins on WSM; changes in AM radio and comments on KMOX.
  14. We have more thoughts from Stephen Wright.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Nolan Crabb reviews "The Eater." (DB 52485)
  3. From Jane McIver: "Lyft and The National Federation of the Blind Announce Comprehensive Accessibility Improvements for Lyft Riders who Travel with Service Animals."
  4. Retailers Across the Country are Getting Slammed for Operating Websites that Discriminate Against the Blind or Visually Impaired.
  5. Chad Grover wonders about cane tips and tells us where to hear Dr. Demento.
  6. Bob Branco is looking for a Perkins classmate.
  7. Leslie Miller asks why she can't find Newsreel on a cartridge.
  8. Diane Motchuk tells us that her guide dog passed away; would like ideas for a good tape recorder and likes The Living Bible.
  9. From Marianne Daley: "Things I Wish I had Known When my Dog Died."
  10. Lucille Caruso has a heartwarming story to share.
  11. From NBP: Microsoft Windows 10 Keystroke Compendium, Microsoft Word 2016 Keystroke compendium, Microsoft Outlook 2016 Keystroke Compendium, and Go Where you Want to Go Using GPS on the Iphone.
  12. Kate has a favor to ask?
  13. Victor Schmidt with an oldie.
  14. From Toni Eames: "Black and White."


  1. Kate with the final Raffle update.
  2. Marg Campbell about cell phones and has a TV radio for sale.
  3. Janet Didsbury has a New Wave oven for sale.
  4. Bob Branco with Branco's Bites.
  5. We hear about a new plastic ten pound note from The Bank of England.
  6. Irwin shows you how to add a Text Label to the SAID Card in your Victor Stream.
  7. Gary Sivak has some old computer reference cards to give away.
  8. Al Daniels has a Braille Blazer to pass along.
  9. We have word that four Newsreelers have passed away.
  10. Bojane Heap talks about two close friends and disability and remembers Linda Brown.
  11. From Hap Holly: "A Smart Home Speaker May have Saved a Life."
  12. "Panel Approves Bill to Boost Testing of Self-Driving Cars."
  13. Mike Lantz on relationships; dealing with blind people and Mike hosts a talk show.
  14. Blindness Doesn't Keep some from Taking Aim.
  15. "FCC Increases Amount of Required Video Described Programming."
  16. Diane Motchuk shares a bird story.
  17. Kate says thanks.
  18. Henry Furtak on dogs and cats.