Table of contents September 2014.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Henry Furtak has a maref.
  3. from Linda Bennett: "September Is."
  4. Cindy Durborow introduces herself and would like to know more about Android Apps that people like.
  5. Jim DeBruhl is looking for help with Linked-in.
  6. Diana Burkhardt needs a Panasonic talking calculator.
  7. Doug Hudson is looking for help with a stopwatch and would like to hear more about gout.
  8. Irwin has some notes about cassettes and leaving messages.
  9. FCC Adopts New Rules to Expand Text to 911 Availability.
  10. Harold Bradley is looking for "Green Christmas" and wants a braille Bible.
  11. We have September birthdays.
  12. Irwin shows you the new audible traffic signals at High and Long.
  13. From Randi Shelton: Mosen Consulting is seeking interview subjects for a book on challenges faced by blind people using hearing aids.
  15. Abbie Taylor demonstrates a braille display and reads two poems.
  16. Robert Wegner shares "The Seven Dangers to Human Virtue."
  17. Marianne Daley sent in "Stray Cat with Wayward Past Quickly Wins Favor, Settles in."
  18. Tom Lykins needs help with searefing using Window-Eyes.
  19. Kate welcomes new Newsreelers.
  20. Ellen Flourie would like correspondence; is looking for a short-wave radio and a music box.
  21. Irwin needs a new microwave.
  22. Duncan Holmes introduces "The Old Philosopher."


  1. Thanks to the C. W. and Marjorie J. Schrenk Family Foundation for their support.
  2. Tom D'Agostino in The Wax Works with "Drink to me Only with Thine Eyes."
  3. Kate talks about a recipe she made; tells who won the free cookbooks for August and has two new ones for September.
  4. Robert Wegner shares a bean recipe.
  5. Linda Brown with her Mail-order Food Review.
  6. Vicki Ireland tells us about an indoor grill pan; talks about a taco salad and we hear some wind chimes.
  7. Mike O'Harra has a recipe for lemonade pie.
  8. Jeanne Corcoran shares some recipes.
  9. Pam Spurlock has some recipes and is looking for a cheese spread recipe.
  10. Diane Motchuk is in need of a recipe for quick bread and shares a recipe.
  11. From the Columbus Dispatch: "Account Numbers on Credit Cards have Meaning."
  12. Richard Hardy tells us about his new cell phone.
  13. Arthur Wilson shares his new address.
  14. "Kent State Accused of Housing Discreamination."
  15. Bob Prahin with "Fight Fiercely, Harvard."


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Bob Prahin sends in "Fight for Subnormal U."
  3. Nolan Crabb reviews: "Written in Red: A Novel of the Others." (DB 78697)
  4. Randi Shelton recommends: "Out of the Whirlpool." (DB 78152)
  5. Nancy Scott with an essay called "Two Lives Converge."
  6. Deborah Kendrick with a commentary about Helen Keller.
  8. Tim Hendel talks with Carrie Hooper about getting a new piano and she plays a couple of songs.
  9. Steve Mooney about new publications on NFB Newsline.
  10. Madeen Ballentine comments on interference when using a cane.
  11. Gayle Adams has the jumble answer and we have a new jumble.
  12. From the FBI: "Driverless Cars Could Become Lethal Weapons."
  13. Newsreeler Richard Mindling passed away in August.
  14. We received word that Jim Lukasavitz passed away.
  15. From Ed Fedush: "Stay."
  16. From a 1981 Johnny Carson show, Jimmie Stewart reads a poem titled "Bow."


  1. Delta Gamma Foundation underwriting announcement.
  2. Catie Mangrum with some ragtime music.
  3. Paul Sullivan has a reduced price for his Jumbo Braille Writer.
  4. Marilyn Smith on the Scentcy fall-winter catalog and reads a poem.
  5. Duncan Holmes tells us about stopping unwanted phone calls.
  7. Diane Motchuk is looking for correspondence; demonstrates a clock and has a new address for Independent Living Aids.
  8. From Randi Shelton: "FCC Looking for Feedback on Deaf-blind Distribution Program."
  10. Irwin had a strange experience with Paris.
  11. From Ann Chiappetta: "Hard Decision."
  12. Barbara Corner tells us about her new guide dog and relates a funny story.
  13. We learn about the 2015 Top Dog convention.
  15. From Ed Fedush: "Replacement Windows."
  16. Duncan Holmes sent in a recording of Julie Andrews at the age of twelve.