Table of contents September 2016.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Henry Furtak with The Flight of the Bumble Bee.
  3. Kate shares some Labor Day quotes.
  4. Tom Anderson has a tape to pass along from Gerry Gabrielli.
  5. Lorraine McCracken has information on a blood glucose meter.
  6. June Knote reports that APH is out of cartridges.
  7. Joseph Colvin has a new phone number.
  8. Jane McIver with a link for those needing the free Windows 10 Upgrade for users of adaptive technology.
  10. Philip Jackson on accessible documentation from Social Security.
  11. Lowell Conley is looking for someone.
  12. We have September birthdays.
  13. Dana Ard comments on the ADA and blindness and has cassettes and a book to pass along.
  14. Bonnie Mangrum tells us about a podcast and would like to hear about iphone apps you would recommend.
  16. Leslie Miller comments on podcasts using the Victor Stream.
  17. Nancy Levy about being blind.
  18. Claude Long on writing with a slate and stylus and would like to start a relationship.
  19. We learn that Debbie Blank passed away and we share a previous tape with her comments about UEB.
  20. Alice Crespo on being blind and tells us about her book.
  21. From Ann Chiappetta: "Where have I Been?"
  22. Kate says thanks for your Raffle support.
  23. Doug Hudson has a one-line slate to pass along.
  24. Deb Caldbeck sent in "As I Walked Down the Streets of Miami."


  1. Deb Caldbeck with "The Streets of Laredo."
  3. Kate tells us who won the cookbooks in August and what we have for September.
  4. Robert Wegner makes some soup in The Kitchen Korner.
  5. Charley Anderson on the taste of food.
  7. Marg Schmitz concerning the taste of food.
  8. Juliette Silvers about the taste of food and the smell of flowers and discusses UEB.
  9. Jeanne Corcoran on a talking glucose meter and has some recipes.
  10. Diane Motchuk about freezing vegetables and discusses blindness.
  11. Marilyn Smith on hating to be blind; mentions the fall and winter Scentsy products and has an update on Behind Our Eyes.
  12. Barbara Mattson concerning being blind or being partially sighted and tells us about Diabetics in Action.
  13. Robert Acosta on being hard-of-hearing as well as blind.
  14. Ann Chiappetta with "Not Lost in Translation."


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Al Daniels with a song.
  3. Linda Bennett with "September Days."
  4. From Nancy Scott: "Confessions of a Long-Time Newsreel Author."
  5. John Wesley Smith reviews "The Pentagon's Brain." (DB 82562)
  6. Notice of Proposed Settlement of Class Action Lawsuit.
  7. "Uber is about to Start Giving Rides in Self-Driving cars."
  8. Richard Hardy on being blind and hard-of-hearing; introduces himself and likes a cassette recorder.
  9. Loren Wakefield with the jumble answer and Irwin has a new one.
  10. Fannie Beachy about a cassette recorder and a record player from The Vermont Country Store; tells us where to get their catalog; comments on the UEB and shares a song.


  1. Fannie Beachy is back with another song.
  2. From Linda Bennett: "September."
  3. We learn about "Cards that Talk."
  5. Irwin tells you about The World According to Sound podcast.
  7. Nancy Levy on braille writer repair and labels from American Thermoform Corporation.
  9. Irwin tells about his favorite PSA and his sister adds audio description.
  11. Duncan Holmes about an upcoming CD.
  13. Care about Digital Access: Let the US Government Know!
  15. Bob Riibe on being independent.
  16. From The Columbus Dispatch: "A Marriage Tax."
  17. We have information on how to reset your Second Generation Victor Reader Stream.
  18. Nolan Crabb reviews: "Fatal Burn" (DB 62071).
  19. Irwin has a house and a dog update.
  20. Tom Lykins on locating other blind people.
  21. Robert Wegner has a correction and Irwin says thanks for all your recent articles.
  22. Ed Fedush sent in items from some "educational" e-mails.