Table of contents September 2017.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. From Linda Bennett: "Where Did Summer go?"
  3. Chester Carnes is looking for a braille Bible.
  4. Irwin has a note on noise.
  5. Kishia Mason introduces herself and comments on NFB and ACB.
  6. Ruthie Wagner introduces herself.
  7. We have September birthdays.
  8. Ginger Harms wonders what has happened with TELLME.
  9. "Health Well Foundation Launches Fund to Provide Financial Assistance to People Living with Macular Degeneration."
  11. Tom Lykins is looking for old hymnals.
  12. Nancy Lynn sent in a Victor Stream Punctuation and Character Guide.
  13. Marie Rudys talks about technology problems and has a new e-mail address.
  14. Irwin has an addendum on sending articles into Newsreel.
  15. From Marianne Daley we learn that Perkins Library will be selling NLS type cartridges and other items to augment the audio reading experience.
  16. Dana Ard discusses finding Newsreel members; blind and sighted couples; their dogs and where to live.
  17. Mike Lantz on hearing aids; comments on relationships and will be travelling.
  18. "Blind Bee Keeper, Baker, Kayaker, Honored for Limitless Vision of Life."


  1. Jerry Gabrielli is here from the September 2003 Newsreel.
  2. Kate has the book winners for August; we have some new books to give away in September and she says thanks.
  3. Robert Wegner with a pot roast recipe.
  4. Jeanne Corcoran comments on relationships and has some recipes.
  5. Diane Motchuk with some recipes.
  6. "For Blind Chef in Cliffside Park, Life is Full of Blessings."
  7. Janet Didsbury tells us about her cats.
  8. Fannie Beachy on batteries; WSM and would like more braille magazines.
  9. Some Hilarity with the English Language.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Duncan Holmes sent in: "Yankee Doodle and Other Folk Songs."
  4. Nolan Crabb reviews: "Abracadaver." (DB 30361)
  5. From Nancy Scott: "My Grandmother's Bargain."
  6. John Wesley Smith on a digital recorder; comments on WSM and discusses NFB and ACB.
  7. Alice Massa tells us about the availability of her book from NLS and in braille.
  9. Nancy Levy suggests a couple of authors.
  10. "Book Reveals Fierce World of Baseball for the Blind."
  11. Marg Schmitz on going to the fair and suggests a book.
  12. Access in the National Parks.
  13. From National Braille Press: we hear about a poetry contest.


  1. Henry Furtak introduces music for September.
  2. We hear about the raising of puppies to be guide dogs.
  3. Bob Branco tells us about his "Consumer Vision" magazine.
  5. Helen Skarpentzos with the jumble answer and we have a new jumble for September.
  6. E. Z. Cleghorn is starting school; tells us about the Blind Mice Megamall Movie Vault and discusses old and new cell phones.
  7. "Singing Competition for the Blind Held in Raleigh."
  8. From NBP: Back to School, Make it Fun! a Tactile Caliper, Measuring Penny, out of Sight Science Experiments, Stir it up, six book Great Expectations set, just enough to Know Better, a Braille Spelling Dictionary, Nemeth Reference Sheets, print-braille books in Spanish and English, print-braille board books, and Tactile Coloring and Activity Books.
  9. We welcome new Newsreel subscribers and a new Life member.
  10. Victor Schmidt comments on drug warnings.
  11. Kevin Walsh on regaining sight and drug interactions.
  12. Marg Schmitz comments on drug labeling.
  13. Joan Andrews on an oldie and taking drugs.
  14. Kate says thanks and has an update on the Clinton Indiana Lions Club.
  15. Gloria Morrison introduces herself.
  16. We learn that Lou Mazzoli passed away.
  17. Joe Waldron has passed away.
  18. From Hap Holly: "Daddy's Poem."