Table of contents October 2013.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Henry Furtak has a march for us.
  3. Notes from the Editor.
  4. From Linda Bennett: "October Thirty First."
  5. George Gray tells us about help from Microsoft.
  6. We welcome new Newsreel members.
  7. Nancy Levy about an experience with a Safety Deposit Box.
  8. A Random Act of Kindness.
  9. Tom Lykins wants your help to identify a song.
  10. From John W. Smith: "Giving a Voice to Persons with Disabilities in Disaster Situations."
  12. Paul Pell is looking for a record from 1965.
  13. We have October birthdays.
  14. From Tom Kaufman: "Fake Service Dog Gear Creates Problems for Americans with Disabilities."
  15. John Brickweg wonders how you would answer a question.
  16. George Gray with "Congressman Takes Ride in a Driverless Car in Pennsylvania."
  18. From Tom Kaufman: "Nissan Promises Self-Driving Cars."
  19. Carrie Cischke reminds us about her ministries.
  20. Paul B. Smith has a trivia question.
  21. Ed Fedush sent in a joke.
  22. Victor Schmidt has a Blast from the Past.


  1. Tom D'Agostino in The Wax Works with The Andrews Sisters and "Let's have Another One."
  2. Kate shares her recent cooking adventures.
  3. Robert Wegner with "Snacks a Sandwich and a Sort of Recipe."
  4. We hear about "Recipes from My Home Kitchen."
  5. Jeanne Corcoran recommends a cheese and shares some recipes.
  6. Ruby Bryant has some recipes.
  7. We learn about a talking microwave on sale and have a couple recipes.
  8. We have some answers for the September jumble and Irwin has a new one.
  9. From the Columbus Dispatch: "Disyey Overhauling it's Disability Access Program."
  10. We have a quiz from Ed Fedush.
  11. Bob Prahin sends in "Let's Fall in Love."


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Duncan Holmes has a Mel Blanc song.
  3. George Gray with "Iowa now Allows Visually Impaired people to Carry Hand Guns."
  5. Nolan Crabb reviews "The Mayor of Casterbridge" (DB 22696)
  6. The Treaty of Marrakesh Explained.
  7. If you're an old Apple user, listen to what Marilyn Smith sent in.
  9. We hear about the world's largest collection of talking clocks.
  11. Rollie Hudson invites you to join the Newsreel Facebook page.
  12. From Ed Fedush: "Facts you May not Know."
  13. Duncan Holmes with another Mel Blanc song.


  1. We have part seven of Jack Benny's Golden Memories of Radio.
  2. Catie Mangrum with a musical selection.
  3. From Amy Phillippi: "Braille Your Business Cards Fast and Cheap."
  5. From Deborah Kendrick: "Service Dogs come with Responsibilities."
  6. Norene Trappa has four cassette mailers to give away.
  7. Madine Ballentine is looking for small cassette mailers and an AMSTFM radio with a cassette recorder.
  8. From The Hadley School: "New Independent Living Series now Open for Enrollment."
  9. "The Digital Devide and People with Disabilities."
  10. John Harden reports that Jan Rouch passed away.
  11. We have the obituary for Susann Munn.
  12. Joan Andrews has an update on Suzanne Whalen.
  13. We have the answers for Ed Fedush's quiz.
  14. From Vicky Prahin and others: "Ten Reasons why it's Great to be Blind."