Table of contents October 2014.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Henry Furtak sends in "Tea for Two."
  3. From Linda Bennett: "October's Bright Blue Weather."
  4. Camille Petrecca about the Oak Hill school reunion.
  5. Ed Fedush has information about Computers for the Blind.
  7. Sandy Furtado is looking for a Type 'n Speak.
  8. Richard Hardy has an update on his phone.
  9. Marg Schmitz is looking for a Haven phone.
  10. Mimi Winer on a talking calculator.
  11. Beth Terranova enjoyed some Newsreel articles and would like to know more about the Braille Edge.
  12. John Wesley Smith with a funny white cane story and wonders about battery life on the NLS Digital Players.
  13. We have October birthdays.
  14. Duncan Holmes asks about access to the music collection that's available on NLS BARD.
  15. Low Cost Refreshable Braille Display to be Available in 2016.
  16. Nancy Levy on her knee replacement.
  17. From the Los Angeles Times: "Audi Gets OK to Test Self-driving Cars."
  18. Duncan Holmes has two baseball songs.


  1. Thanks to the C. W. and Marjorie J. Schrenk Family Foundation for their support.
  2. Tom D'Agostino in the Wax Works with "Twilight in Turkey."
  3. Kate on recipes she made and has an update on free braille cookbooks.
  4. Irwin says that "In The Newsreel Kitchen" is just about ready in DAISY format.
  5. Robert Wegner has a crockpot recipe for barbecued ribs.
  6. Linda Brown with quick bread recipes.
  7. Jeanne Corcoran on finding books; recommends Braille Bibles International and shares some recipes.
  8. We welcome a new Newsreel member and have word of the passing of Michael Henderson and Robert Wortman.
  9. Gayle Adams with a poem.
  10. One of our Newsreelers wonders about using a Thunder Shirt with her guide dog?
  11. Mike Lantz tells us about losing consciousness and wonders about food rewards for guide dogs.
  12. Richard Fiorello has a Booksense XT for sale; is looking for a Braille Edge and talks about how to choose books to read.
  13. Tim Hendel concerning blindness and the expectation of use of technology.
  14. We'll have braille calendars again in 2015.
  15. From Ed Fedush: "For Those who thought they Knew Everything!"


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Catie Mangrum sends in a song.
  3. Nolan Crabb reviews: "Those who Wish me Dead."
  4. Ed Fedush with details about Emergency Preparedness and First Aid kits for the blind.
  6. Mickey Prahin and others have the September jumble answer and Mickey has a different type of jumble for October.
  7. Abbie Taylor with a review of "Philomena."
  9. Tom Lykins sent in word of the passing of Fred Gissoni.
  10. We learn of the passing of Robert J. Smithdas.
  11. Valerie Morris on USB cables and would like correspondence.
  12. From Ann Chiappetta: "Lost Keys."
  13. Alice Fields shares some quotes and reads an essay called "Home at Last."
  14. Pastor P. W. Jackson tells us about Indian Creek Camp.
  15. From Marianne Daley: "Meet the Harbolt Company.
  17. Al Zubillaga reports that Doc has retired and Al is looking for soft cassette cases and cassette labels.


  1. Duncan Holmes sent in "Tubby the Tuba" with Danny Kaye.
  3. Rollie Hudson talks with Christine Szostak about her education and teaching and she offers to talk with Newsreelers.
  4. We have a list of braille writer repair services taken from the ACB website: Ackley Appliance Service, APH, Atlanta Brailler Repair, Paul Banner Brailler Repair, The Braille Depot, Brailler Repair Services, Burgess Brailler Repair Service, Perkins Products, The Selective Doctor, Volunteers of Vacaville, and Bob Vandiver Office Supplies.
  5. We go to the Newsreel Party at the 2014 ACB National Convention.
  6. Adrijana Prokopenko would like resources on body language.
  7. We have Bits and Bytes from the Ohio Connection Fall 2014: We learn about a National Association of the Deaf Conference, the Disability Connection newsletter new places to get Audio Description, a device that may replace the white cane, and advice on job and internship offers.
  8. Irwin comments on the currency reader that will be available through NLS.
  9. We have "A Little Farmer Wisdom" from Ed Fedush.