Table of contents October 2016.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Linda Bennett with "October Song."
  3. Debbie Donnellan says the West Virginia School for the Blind Alumni Association is putting together a new alumni directory.
  4. Cindy Finley would like help with computer training.
  5. Abbie Taylor has a new e-mail address.
  6. 2017 braille calendars are now available from Newsreel.
  7. William Chadd would like pen pals.
  8. Ellen Flourie on being blind and wants tape pals.
  9. We learn about a Non 24-Hour Survey.
  11. We have October birthdays.
  12. Victor Schmidt reports on the passing of a disc jockey.
  13. Tom Lykins tells us about a QSO about his life.
  14. Marilyn Smith has a special offer if you want to try the Philmore voice-mail system.
  15. We hear about the "Over There" App.
  17. Pam Spurlock on being blind.
  18. Alice Fields on blindness and has a new address.
  19. Lucille Caruso on blindness and shares a poem.
  20. Jim Robertson on blindness.
  21. We hear about a new Uber accessibility website.
  23. Ginger Harms about dealing with blindness.
  24. "Removing Barriers to Voting for Americans with Disabilities through Automatic Registration."
  25. Irwin has a house update.
  26. Linda Webb with "Smile Awhile."


  1. Gerry Gabrielli has a song for October.
  2. We hear who won the cookbooks given away in September; what we have for October and Kate updates a recipe.
  3. Robert Wegner shares a recipe in The Kitchen Korner.
  4. Jeanne Corcoran shares some recipes.
  5. Jan Blatz with several recipes.
  6. Linda Bennett has a recipe for Halloween.
  7. Lucille Caruso shares a tip.
  8. Vicky Prahin sent in an article about a pizza ATM.
  9. Claude Long on can openers.
  10. From Tom Kaufman: "How American Restaurants Fail to Accommodate Blind Diners."
  11. Kate has items to pass along from Newsreel.
  12. We hear about several publications from National Braille Press.
  14. Al Daniels needs a serial cable for the Braille Blazer.
  15. We learn that Jean Howes passed away.
  16. Tom Lykins comments on the passing of Debbie Blank.
  17. We learn about a book on Structured Negotiation.
  18. Ed Fedush with alternative meanings for several words.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Nolan Crabb reviews "Constant Fear." (DB 82308)
  3. We have an update on The Marakesh Treaty.
  5. Alice Cann tells us about an article in National Geographic about blindness.
  6. "Driverless Cars Won't Always Look this Way."
  7. Pat Munson has a little history of the organized blind movement; likes a stylus and appreciates the seasons.
  8. We hear about a new poetry book from Ann Chiappetta.
  10. Robert Wegner with more on UEB.
  11. Marianne Daley tells us about
  13. Marg Schmitz on using a guide dog if you are deaf or hard-of-hearing.
  14. "Shhhh, Para Football is Going On."


  1. We hear about the "Top Dog 2017" Conference.
  2. Jan Blatz comments on an app she uses.
  3. Vinny Samarco tells about some of his favorite podcasts.
  4. We welcome a new Life member to Newsreel.
  5. Duncan Holmes talks about phone apps and podcasts he likes.
  7. Marie Rudys on problems with the USPS.
  8. Victor Schmidt with another health issue.
  9. Ellen Boxrud tells us about the Mary Bryant home.
  10. Marianne Daley sent in: "My Tech Support is Purposely Unbearable.
  11. Tim Hendel and Carrie Hooper have a whimsical piece on words.
  12. Joan Andrews comments on the Civil Air Patrol.
  13. Linda Brown on leaving a guide dog at home.
  14. Kate would like your advice on future Newsreel Raffles.
  15. Toni Eames sent a message "To the Oldies in My Group."