Table of contents October 2017.


  1. Linda Bennett has "October in the Air."
  2. Sherry Bicknell is looking for advice on a cane.
  3. Gary Sivak with comments on the Equifax Cyber Attack and Irwin shares his experience.
  5. From NBP: Tactile Letter and Number Sheets.
  7. Irwin announces the availability of our 2018 braille calendars.
  8. From Jane McIver: "FCC Announces Date of Disability Advisory Committee Meeting."
  9. Trish Cleary says thanks and discusses text messaging.
  10. We have October birthdays.
  11. Robert Herrick had a problem with his September Newsreel and found a solution.
  12. Partnership with Travel-eyes.
  13. Barbara Mattson on the use of i-devices and has questions about Blindfold Games and Blind Mice Mart.
  14. E. Z. Cleghorn shares a tip using Apple Music and got a computer from Computers for the Blind.
  15. Sharon Strzalkowski on her cell phone journey.
  16. Newsreel will be hosting an international Exchange student in October.
  17. Tim Hendel comments on hearing aids and is looking for old books and braillers.
  18. Alice Fields discusses hearing aids; back surgery; partnerships and line dancing.
  19. Irwin has an apology for the September jumble and Alice Massa has a new one.
  20. Kate says thanks for your Friendship Raffle support.
  21. Eva Carter is in need of an accessible satellite radio.
  22. Natalie Byrne introduces herself.
  23. Kevin Mitchell wants to find someone.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Gerry Gabrielli has a selection from the October 2003 Newsreel.
  3. Kate tells us who won our free books in September and we have new items to pass along in October.
  4. Robert Wegner with a recipe for beef stroganoff and would like to ear from people with food allergies.
  5. Jeanne Corcoran has a story about an exploding battery and sends in some recipes.
  6. From NBP: "Fast and Fresh Main Courses."
  7. Gayle Adams on touch screens; shares a recipe and has a couple of parodies.
  8. From Katie Frederick: "Disability Advocates Say Postmates and Grubhub Websites Discriminate Against Blind people."
  9. Frank Spurlock about an experiment involving the total eclipse; comments on medication and Pam with a recipe.
  10. Diane Motchuk has a bird story.
  11. We learn that Regie Anglen has passed away.
  12. Mary Snelgrove let us know that Velma Calandra passed away.
  13. Jimmie Castleberry reported that Kitty Weiss passed away.
  14. Irwin says thanks.
  15. From Second Sense: we hear about a research study on health care providers.
  16. From Katie Frederick: "Seeking Volunteer Families for Research Study."
  17. From NBP: Braille Bumper Stickers.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Duncan Holmes sent in something for Fire Prevention Week.
  4. Linda Bennett with "Halloween Ghouls."
  5. Nolan Crabb reviews: "The Wrong Side of Goodbye." (DB 86195)
  6. John Wesley Smith talks about a book concerning the "Impostor Phenomenon." (DB 23661)
  7. George Gray would like to hear from teachers who are blind or visually impaired who are currently teaching.
  8. From NBP: "Dr. Seuss's Fox and Socks."
  9. Michael Geno talks about moving; has some braille, cassettes, and open-reel tapes to share; would like to discuss publishing; comments on robo calls and has a song for fall.


  1. Duncan Holmes tells us about his new album and shares a song that did not make it on to the album.
  3. Linda Gregorich has a hurricane update.
  4. Robert Wegner on hurricane damage.
  5. From Marianne Daley: "Blind Football Player Snaps for Extra Point in a USC win."
  6. Leslie Miller talks about a coincidence and wants to know more about home assistants.
  7. Tom Lykins on braille Bibles and wants to know more about Windows 10 and Cortana.
  8. Tesla Autopilot played a role in a fatal crash.
  9. Ellen Flourie with a correction.
  10. Kate reads some historical trivia.
  11. From Duncan Holmes: Manners can be Fun.