Table of contents November 2014.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Henry Furtak sends in "If I Loved You."
  3. From Linda Bennett: "November."
  4. We have a couple of corrections.
  5. Glenn Fishbeck has some cassette and open-reel tapes to give away.
  6. From Second Sense: we hear about Christian Record Services, DOJ has published a booklet on the rights of voters with disabilities, Ski for Light 2015, and Eyes on Success.
  7. Tom Anderson is giving away a New Testament Bible on CD, some erased cassettes, cassette albums and hard plastic cassette cases.
  8. Monthly Social Security and SSI Benefits for 2015.
  10. John Wesley Smith on Bibles in braille; comments on preparedness materials; and discusses access to technology.
  11. From Tom Kaufman: "A Great Day for Blind Americans."
  12. Chester Carnes is trying to get a Talking Time I repaired.
  13. We have November birthdays.
  14. Russell Carrick on the Thunder Shirt.
  15. We hear about a guide dog advocacy and information app.
  17. Charley Anderson introduces himself.
  18. From Vicky Prahin: "China's First Guide Dog and Handler Refused Service."
  19. Nancy Levy comments on the Thunder Shirt.
  20. From Duncan Holmes: "In Memory of Lucky."
  21. Loreen Campbell wants help with her phone.
  22. Paul B. Smith has a musical trivia question.


  1. Tom D'Agostino with "Nobody is Chasing me" in The Wax Works.
  2. Kate has a cookbook update.
  3. Robert Wegner with a turkey soup recipe.
  4. Jeanne Corcoran comments on the NLS Digital Player and has some recipes.
  5. Gloria Rathbone with a recipe.
  6. Diane Motchuk has some recipes.
  7. Christine Chaikin comments on the Lemonade Pie recipe.
  8. We have a recipe for Vermont Apple Pie.
  9. Marg Schmitz on slow cookers and talks about making oatmeal.
  10. Irwin comments on his microwave.
  11. Linda O'neal has a suggestion for a microwave.
  13. Christine Chaikin has sources for talking microwaves; has help for JAWS shortcuts with Linked-in; shares websites for cheese spread recipes; and has info about Apps for the Android phone.
  14. Amy Phillippi demonstrates the ID Mate Quest.
  15. Betty Lovin lets us know that Lois Eagle passed away and Betty has a new guide dog.
  16. From Linda Bennett: "All Through November."


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. John Correia shares a song for Veterans Day and would like correspondence.
  3. We welcome new members and new Life members to Newsreel.
  4. Nancy Scott with an essay for November.
  5. Nolan Crabb reviews: "Warbreaker" (DB 69788)
  6. John Wesley Smith reviews the book "The Troupe." (DB 76151)
  7. From Deborah Kendrick: "Author will Tell Tales of his Time with the Beatles."
  8. Mimi Winer has descriptions of gestures.
  9. Ed Fedush sends in some Bermashave signs.
  10. Abbie Taylor about the Braille Edge; a baseball song; tells us about her new book and she ends with a satirical song.


  1. Thanks to the C. W. and Marjorie J. Schrenk Family Foundation for their support.
  2. Louise Flanigan has a talking clock for sale.
  3. We hear about the 2015 print/braille calendar from NBP.
  5. Janet Didsbury would like a braille dictionary.
  6. Kate says thanks for your support and asks that you send notes to our major funders.
  7. Tom Lykins would like to learn more about the UEBC.
  8. "For Canadian Boy who was Born Deaf, Risky Brain Surgery Offers a Ticket into the World of Sounds."
  9. Kevin Walsh discusses NLS Digital Players and technology.
  10. From Ed Fedush: "History of the Car Radio."
  11. Tim Hendel talks with Newsreeler Ruth Hartman.
  12. Irwin has more on the October jumble; donna Permar has one for November and Irwin talks about what is coming up in December.
  13. From Ed Fedush we have some anagrams.
  14. Mike Lantz has questions about improving hearing with surgery and wonders about hearing loss in people with ROP.
  15. From National Braille Press: "Hungry Fingers Tactile Puzzle Set."
  17. Mickey Prahin sends in "A Pittance of Time" to end the issue.