Table of contents November 2015.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Linda Bennett with the poem: "A Prayer for Thanksgiving.".
  3. We have an update on Social Security.
  5. Irwin has a couple of helpful hints and a request.
  6. Diane Motchuk on UEB and has some cassette labels to pass along.
  7. Katie Frederick shares information regarding Lyft.
  8. Kimberly Morrow introduces herself.
  9. We have November birthdays.
  10. Alice Massa sends in "The Thanksgiving Poetry Game."
  11. Robert Acosta tells us about a GDUI fundraiser.
  12. From Katherine Schneider "The NLS numbers are in."
  13. Irwin asks for your help with the December issue of Newsreel.
  14. Ann Chiappetta with "Listening and Talking."
  15. We have Marcia Dresser's obituary.
  16. We received word that Jack Vincent passed away.
  17. Linda Bennett with the poem: "Thanksgiving: What it Means to me."
  18. Julia Ann Cobb tells us that Learning Ally is no longer sending out books on CD.
  19. Adrijana Prokopenko sent in a message seeking participants for a new documentary.
  20. Irwin has an update on the house and Paris.
  21. Duncan Holmes features music from a local quartet.


  1. Tom D'Agostino in The Wax Works with Roy Rogers.
  2. Kate has cookbook winners for October; two more cookbooks to pass along this month; reminds us about "In The Newsreel Kitchen" and tells us about her cooking plans.
  3. Robert Wegner has a recipe for chocolate and oat bars.
  4. Pam Spurlock with some recipes and comments on a braille phone book.
  5. Laurie Pettis shares a recipe.
  6. Diane Motchuk has a phone number if you need help with your turkey.
  7. Linda Webb has a Thanksgiving weather forecast.
  8. Humana is offering braille and talking prescription labels.
  10. "Cooking with Disabilities: an Exercise in Creative Problem Solving."
  11. Marilyn Smith likes some smoked turkey breast; mentions Magnets and Ladders and tells us where to find a Scentsy catalog.
  12. Linda Webb is "Shopping for Turkey."
  13. Lisa Burkhardt is a new Newsreel Life member.
  14. Victor Schmidt reports on his prostate cancer and Amy has an update.
  15. Marg Schmitz on phone books.
  16. Marianne Daley sent in a description of a cartoon.
  17. Doug Hudson lets us know about an online comic book store for the blind and visually impaired.
  19. Marg Campbell is looking for a hand-held game.
  20. Mickey Prahin tells us about Bob's CDs that are for sale.
  21. Brad Barrows and others have the answer for the October jumble and Brad has a new one for November.
  22. Diane Motchuk wanted to hear the song "Count Your Blessings: Name Them One by One."


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Abbie Taylor has a parody of a Thanksgiving song.
  3. We have a tribute to Veterans.
  4. From Nancy Scott: "Never Ask an Artist!"
  5. Nolan Crabb reviews: "The Gratitude Diaries." (DB 82454)
  6. Kate asks you to say "thanks" to some of our funders and says thank you for all of your support.
  7. John Wesley Smith with a review of "Stone Walled." (DB 80397)
  8. Charley Anderson talks about the book "All the Light we Cannot See."
  9. Linda Bennett with the poem: "November."
  10. From Deborah Kendrick: "Airports can Mean Humiliation for some Travelers."
  11. Marianne Daley would like help with constructing a table in MS Word.
  12. Duncan Holmes has a radio to give away.
  13. We learn about "Unity Message of Hope."
  15. Doug Hudson shares a demonstration of the Seeing Eye GPS app for the iPhone.
  16. We hear the "Blind Americans Equality Day" proclamation.


    1. Delta Gamma Foundation underwriting announcement.
  1. Catie Mangrum has a Tom Lehrer song.
  2. Margie Donovan has a braille writer for sale.
  3. We hear about a blind football player.
  4. Victor Schmidt tells us that Ed Walker is retiring; we hear part of a talk with his former on-air partner WTOP'S Bruce Alan and we tell where you can hear the entire talk.
  6. Larry Honaker with an article about using the Mac.
  7. Tim Hendel with more on braille writers.
  8. Randi Shelton talks about the Lavender brailler and braille in general.
  9. Debra Saylor talks about listening to Newsreel on her iphone.