Table of contents November 2016.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. From E. Z. Cleghorn a wonderful song for Veterans Day.
  4. Linda Bennett sent in "A Prayer for Thanksgiving.
  5. Cheryl Morgan is looking for someone.
  6. Janet Didsbury wants an old talking clock.
  7. Tom Lykins needs a Braille 'n Speak carrying case.
  8. Garnet Claypool tells us that The Selective Doctor is closing.
  9. We find out about Learn Tech from AFB.
  11. Christine Chaikin on computer training; tells us about a 4-track tape recorder and has a question about QVC.
  12. Dana Ard on blindness; freezing items and would like suggestions for OCR and a digital recorder.
  13. "First Artificial Pancreas Approved."
  14. Tim Hendel on yet another Non 24 survey.
  15. We have November birthdays.
  16. We test your Thanksgiving knowledge throughout the issue.
  17. "Guide Dogs Help Serve as their Owners Eyes."
  19. We learn that Paul Sullivan passed away.
  20. Ursula Johnson is in need of a braille writer.
  21. The 2017 Peanuts print-braille calendar is available.
  23. LaBelle Murtha has the jumble answer and Lucille Caruso with a new jumble.
  24. Duncan Holmes found a great video to share.


  1. Gerry Gabrielli sent in a Stan Freberg parody several years ago.
  2. Kate tells us who won the cookbooks in October and we have some holiday cookbooks to give away in November.
  3. Robert Wegner on can openers and has a recipe in The Kitchen Korner.
  4. Jeanne Corcoran on can openers and shares some recipes.
  5. We have a recipe for Green Bean Casserole and other Thanksgiving hints from The Columbus Dispatch.
  6. Marg Schmitz on can openers.
  7. Ginger Harms about can openers and shares a strange noise.
  8. Rita tester is looking for a large book bag, a small radio, a cookbook, an audio transcribing service and a phone number.
  10. Al Daniels likes a can opener and has the number for the former TELLME.
  11. Victor Schmidt says Amy is making meatballs.
  12. Ruth Failor would like information on a radio.
  13. Ed Fedush has some "Clever Word Smithing."


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Laurie Pettis has a song for Thanksgiving.
  3. Kate asks you to thank our major funders.
  4. From Nancy Scott: "The Poinsettia Predicament."
  5. Marianne Daley comments on Newsreel and asks what can we do to ensure Newsreel continues long into the future?
  6. E. Z. Cleghorn introduces himself and discusses the need for braille.
  7. "Can You Hear the Stars?"
  8. Kate with "For the Veteran."
  9. Nancy Lynn tells us about her Daily Offering e-mail group.
  10. "Historic Accessible Book Treaty Takes Effect."
  11. Abbie Taylor reminds us about her new book and she shares a poem.
  13. "The Blind have High Hopes for Self-Driving Cars."
  14. We have a reminder to send items for the December Newsreel.
  15. Philip Jackson wants to know about any radio stations in Columbus that carry NASCAR and he is in the process of getting a guide dog.
  16. Carl Brodman is looking for long-lasting friendships.
  17. Debra Saylor would like to get an original Victor Stream.
  18. Doug Hudson has a money identifier to give away.


  1. Duncan Holmes on podcasts he likes; is looking for a Thanksgiving suite of songs and has a piece about what the first Thanksgiving might have been like.
  2. Robert Wegner with his final UEB discussion.
  3. We hear who won the 2016 ACB Ohio Ken Morlock award.
  4. Irwin takes you on a brief tour of the house.
  5. From The Columbus Dispatch: "Blind Man-Sister Get Keys to Home After Fire Destroyed it in 2011."
  7. Bojane Heap reads "Human Voice is Key to Unlocking Movie Magic for the Blind."
  8. from The Columbus Dispatch: "Ticket to Ride."
  9. "Why Dogs Cannot Use Computers!"