Table of contents November 2017.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Linda Bennett with "A Thankful Heart."
  3. Irwin reports on computer problems at Newsreel.
  4. Social Security Announces Benefit Increase for 2018.
  6. Toni Eames lets us know about our 60th anniversy celebration and how you can help.
  7. Jane Shoaf says that books on dogs and cats may be found at National Braille Press.
  8. International Survey on the use of Assistive Technology and Blindness and Visual Impairment.
  10. Newsreeler Linda Webb passed away.
  11. Rollie Hudson remembers Linda Webb.
  12. Linda Webb has a birthday poem for Kate.
  13. Kate has November birthdays.
  14. From Marianne Daley: "Every Traveller has a Story to Tell."
  15. Mark Marino has a problem with his talking thermostat.
  16. "Movie Theaters must Accomodate Deaf-blind Patrons."
  17. Please send in your greetings for the December issue.
  18. From Tom Kaufman and Robert Acosta: "Uncertainty Increases after DOJ Drops ADA Regulations."
  20. Carole Soule would like an old Scrabble game.
  21. From NBP: the 2018 Print-braille calendar.
  23. Jane McIver on silencing Echo devices.
  24. "Are Self-driving Cars the Future of Mobility for Disabled people?"


  1. Gerry Gabrielli with a selection from November 2003.
  2. Kate tells about our October give-aways and what we have for November.
  3. Robert Wegner has a Thanksgiving story.
  4. Jeanne Corcoran has some recipes.
  5. Alice Massa has a trivia question; shares a recipe and reminds us about her book.
  6. Diane Motchuk with a pie recipe.
  7. Angie Manerson with some recipes.
  8. Carol Lukens on gluten free items. (DB 65752) and (DB 62808)
  9. Pam Spurlock with three recipes.
  10. Doug Hudson has a question about using Goldwave.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. From Duncan Holmes: "The William Tell Overture for Euphonium and Tuba."
  3. Kate asks you to thank our major funders.
  4. Nancy Scott with "Standing."
  5. John Wesley Smith reviews "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less." (DB 88790)
  6. Karen Marshall has books on tape to give away.
  7. Seven Fascinating Facts you Probably Didn't know about Helen Keller.
  8. Vicky Ireland has an embosser to share.
  9. Kate has some quotes for Veterans' Day throughout the issue.
  10. Ross Levine talks about braille and audio magazines and wonders what to do about broken four-track cassette players.
  11. From Toni Eames: "The Dead Man who is Suing to Make Himself Alive."
  12. Abbie Taylor talks about Magnets and Ladders and reads one of her poems.
  14. E. Z. Cleghorn discusses Cortana; comments on education; talks about home devices and tells us about a blind Exchange Student.
  15. Cliff Smales is looking for some music.
  16. Kate welcomes new Newsreel members.
  17. Leslie Miller wants a good braille labeler.
  18. "Free Style Libra Approved by the FDA."
  19. Laurie Pettis shares a song.


  1. Tammie Snyder needs help with NVDA; likes a computer from Computers for the Blind and comments on UEB.
  2. Jeanie Meador would like to hear from people using NVDA.
  3. From NBP: "Windows Screenreader Keystroke Compendium Covering JAWS, NVDA and Narrator" and other technology guides.
  4. Irwin tells you about articles of interest in recent issues of The Week.
  5. We learn that our previous director, Patty Lucktenberg passed away.
  6. Henry Furtak with a eukelele quartet.
  7. "Online Mattress Retailer Eight Adds Alexa Integration."
  9. Norma Kraus reports on the hurricane.
  10. We learn about the Victor Reader Trek.
  11. From Tom Kaufman: "Five Things Natalie Bebler Wishes people Understood about being Legally Blind."
  12. E. Z. Cleghorn tells us about his new i-phone.
  13. Lucille Caruso would like to find an APH recorder.
  14. "Remember Google Glass? Those Glasses are Back Helping the Blind."
  15. Robert Hassler on cell phones and line dancing.
  16. Kishia Mason wonders about accessible gyms and fitness activities for the blind.
  17. "Leading Guide Dog Users Advocacy Organization Releases Update to App."
  18. Nancy Levy comments on text messaging.
  19. Kiplinger's Retirement Report Audio Version now Available.
  20. Ed Snively has the jumble answer and Brad Barrows has a new jumble.
  21. Marg Schmitz on TELLME and taking her dog to the fair.
  22. From Linda Bennett: "Don't Forget to Laugh."