Table of contents November 2018.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. We remember our veterans.
  3. Mary Hiland's book is now available from NLS.
  4. Slight Increase in Medicare's Out-patient Part B Premium.
  5. Irwin has a reminder about material for our December issue.
  6. Tom Lykins asks why letters from Social Security are in mixed braille formats and would like help with an RB 40 braille embosser.
  7. Stanley Haupt is looking for Caller ID recommendations.
  8. Kate says Happy Thanksgiving.
  9. Bad news from APH about Reader's Digest and Newsweek.
  10. We have November birthdays.
  11. Lucille Caruso visits the "Stupidity Department."
  12. Nancy Levy comments on flip phones.
  13. Kate asks you to thank our major funders.
  14. Tim Hendel comments on Harry Potter and would like suggestions for King Arthur books.
  15. Bojane Heap about the Harry Potter books and would like correspondence.
  16. Kate has a cookbook update.
  17. Bob Branco sends in information about Jalil Mortazavi's book and Bob's new job.
  19. Kate has a raffle update.
  20. Mike Lantz on trying to find a job and would like suggestions for braille writer repair.
  21. Irwin reports on the passing of his sister Miki.
  22. We learned that Janet Gabel passed away.
  23. Joni Colver tells about a podcast she likes.
  25. Lenora Tomporowski with the Jumble answer and we have a new one.


  1. Gerry Gabrielli has an answer to "Help."
  2. We have the winners for our free items in October and new ones to give away this month.
  3. Jeanne Corcoran has some pumpkin recipes.
  4. From Jane McIver and National Braille Press: Sugar Detox Made Easy, Diabetes, Sixty-eight Delicious Recipes for the Whole Family, Fast and Fresh Main Courses, Fast and Fresh Salads, Dump Soups, and Holiday Recipes from Cooks Illustrated,
  5. Al Daniels with a drink recipe.
  6. Ruthie Wagoner went to some sporting events and shares a couple of recipes.
  7. Joan Andrews comments on previously assigned phone numbers; separating laundry and attending sporting events.
  8. Kathy Pritchard comments on the way we are treated; attending a baseball game and role models.
  9. Dorothy Dickey on being a role model.
  10. Columbus Drivers, Pedestrians Matter TOO.
  11. Beth Hunter introduces herself.
  12. Jane McIver has information about Blitab.
  14. Linda Bennett with the poem "Thanksgiving Day."
  15. Abbie Taylor on memories of attending a baseball game and gives us a Seventh Inning Stretch.


  1. Victor Schmidt with "The Ten Commandments by Prince Buster" and "The Ten Commandments by Princess Buster."
  2. Linda Bennett with a joke.
  3. Nancy Scott shares a Christmas selection.
  4. Nolan Crabb reviews: "Pleating for Mercy." (DBC 07232)
  5. Marakesh Law Signed by the President.
  6. "Laura Walk 2016 J.D. to Clerk for US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas."
  7. An Idea for Making Self-driving Cars Safer: Reprogram Humans.
  8. We have an update on our braille calendar.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. John Wesley Smith has a couple of items for sale.
  3. We have three selections from the November 1987 Newsreel.
  4. From Tom Kaufman: "Can Braille Survive in a Smart Phone World?"
  5. Irwin reports on applying for a Credit Freeze.
  6. Michigan Township Allows Autistic Boy to Keep Therapy Ducks.
  7. Larry Honaker demonstrates the Fire Tablet.
  8. Linda Bennett sent in a couple of jokes.
  9. Peggy Bergados is a new member.
  10. We hear about Portal and Portal+ from Facebook.
  12. From The Ohio Connection: APH ConnectDirect information and referral number, Mobility for all, Accessible Medicare info, and Request a Device.
  13. From Marianne Daley: "A Dumb Story for Musicians."