Table of contents December 2013.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. From Clinton Lindgdren: "Simple Gifts."
  3. We have seasons greetings from: Rollie Hudson, Toni Eames and Norma Krauss.
  4. Gary Sivak has a new phone number for TELLME.
  5. We learn about the NFB Scholarship Program for 2014.
  7. John Brickweg says the November braille edition of Readers Digest has a lot of braille errors.
  8. Casey Wollner is in need of a boombox.
  9. From ACB: We have information about SGA and Social Security changes for 2014.
  11. Irwin demonstrates an accessible kiosk.
  12. New York City's Emergency Plans Violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  13. We have December birthdays.
  14. Marg Schmitz has a Glucometer to give away.
  15. From Marianne Daley: "Comcast's Talking Program Guide."
  16. Andy Roy has information about the Comcast talking cable box.
  17. Visually Impaired Paddlers Show Their Prowess on the Water.
  18. Deborah Kendrick with an ADA quiz.
  19. From Clinton Lindgren: "Noisy Night."


  1. Tom D'Agostino with "And the Band Played on" in The Wax Works.
  2. Robert Wegner talks turkey.
  3. Diane Motchuk has a banana bread recipe.
  4. Garnet Claypool has a hint for chestnuts and is looking for some music.
  5. Karen Kelting shares a recipe.
  6. From National Braille Press: Holiday Recipes from Cook's Illustrated."
  8. Doug Hudson would like more information on vitamins.
  9. Ginger Harms reports on a problem with a thumb drive.
  10. Ed Fedush sent in "Teacher Arrested at JFK."
  11. Dana Ard discusses a problem with dizziness.
  12. Barry and Louise Wood participated in a fund raiser.
  13. Tom Kaufman with "Stress Relief."
  14. Duncan Holmes with two songs for Christmas.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. "The Christmas Song" sent in by Clinton Lindgren.
  3. We have greetings from: Russell Carrick, Tom Lykins, Patty Silver, Steve Weadon, Sam Bates and Bob Self.
  4. Patty Luchtenberg reads "It's Christmas Time."
  5. Nancy Scott with a Christmas parody.
  6. Nolan Crabb reviews "Silver Bells: A Holiday Tale." (DB 59402)
  7. "One-hundred-thirty-nine Proof! She Read the Braille encyclopedia-and Corrected it" from the Fall 2013 Dialogue Magazine.
  8. Ed Fedush with a laugh.
  9. Arthur Wilson wants some cassette mailers.
  10. From Tom Kaufman: "FCC Adopts TV Rules for Blind and Deaf."
  11. "Tweeting Blind" by Johnathan Mosen is available from National Braille Press.
  12. Amy Phillippi recommends a website.
  14. Christine Chaikin has information about customizing computers.
  16. Mimi Winer has suggestions for a used braille writer; learning to use a computer and tells us about 4-GB cartridges from APH.
  17. "Statement by Secretary Hagle on the Disabilities Treaty."
  18. Irwin has a correction for the November jumble and a new one for December.
  19. Ed Lopez with "Let it Snow."


  1. We have part Nine of Jack Benny's Golden Memories of Radio.
  2. Ray Rokita tells us about his CDS for sale.
  3. We have a story about a guide dog who was killed on the job.
  4. We learn about a computerized vest for service dogs.
  6. From Bill Lewis: "ROBO-DOGGIE."
  7. From Bob Acosta: "Guide Dog Users Inc. Starts an Announcement System by Phone."
  8. From Deborah Kendrick: "Commonsense can Smooth out a Flight."
  9. Tom Kaufman with "Dogs are People Too."


  1. Ed Lopez sends in "Blue Christmas."
  2. We have "Emergency Preparedness 101."
  3. Clinton Lindgren with The Seekers and "Mary Had A Baby."


  1. Catie Mangrum says thanks and sends in a song.
  2. From Linda Bennett: "An Old Fashioned Christmas."
  3. Marty Honaker talks with Josette Kernaghan about record collecting.
  4. "Code Factory Enhances Blind and Visually Impaired Accessability for Windows Phone Eight."
  6. Deborah Kendrick with the answers for the ADA quiz.
  7. Nancy Levy asks about non 24 Sleep Disorder and using cell phones when driving.
  8. From Linda Bennett: "A Christmas Wish."
  9. From Ed Fedush: "Around the Corner I have a Friend."
  10. Tim Hendel talks with Carrie Hooper about an Albanian musical instrument and she plays and sings a song.
  11. Ed Fedush sent in an article about the demise of Windows XP.
  12. Mike Blanck about an error in the Golden Memories series.
  13. Loretta Palermo with greetings.
  14. Ed Fedush sent in some sayings from Phyllis Diller.
  15. From Catie Mangrum: "Twas the Fright Before Christmas."


  1. Henry Furtak with "Un to us a Child is born."
  2. Kate Sniderman, Julie Ann Cobb, Lisa Burkhardt and Linda Brown has holiday wishes.
  3. From The Washington Post: Tina Calabro's Essay about her son Mark.
  4. We welcome some new Newsreel members.
  5. Mike Lantz tells of the passing of a blind evangelist; comments on the ADA; discusses a pastor and is looking for a song.
  6. We have a special Cookbook offer for the holidays.
  7. Marianne Daley has an adventure.
  8. Pat Keating plays a Christmas piece.
  9. We learn that Newsreeler Keith McUmber passed away.
  10. Robert Hassler sings a song.


  1. Roberta Wilson-Mills and Kevin Walsh share two Christmas songs.
  2. From Tom Kaufman: "Technologies for the Blind."
  3. Joan Andrews sent in "The Christmas Spirit" from Johnny Cash.
  4. Ginger Harms talks about Tech Support for Olympus recorders; tells us about a digital labeling system for medication and how to find out more about non 24-7.
  6. From Second Sense: Are you looking for gift ideas and we learn about a National Transportation Hotline.
  8. Jan Blatz has an essay from Irma Bombeck.
  9. Michael Geno would appreciate your prayers and has several items to give away.
  10. From Tom Kaufman: "Blind War Hero's Next Fight is in Federal Court" and we have an update.
  11. Paul B. Smith has a trivia question.
  12. Bob Riibe is trying to find an MP3 recorder for a friend.
  13. Bob and Mickey Prahin sent in "What Child is This" Chick Corea and Joshua Bell.