Table of contents December 2014.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. We have holiday greetings from Norma Kraus, Jan Blatz, Vicky Ireland, Karen Kelting, Irwin Hott, Kate Sniderman, Dennis Schaffner, Rollie Hudson, Tom Lykins and Arthur Wilson throughout the issue.
  3. Duncan Holmes sends in the song "The Day After Thanksgiving."
  4. Kate has a correction.
  5. Irwin has a note on tone indexing.
  6. From Ralph Martinez Holiday Quotes and Jokes throughout the issue.
  7. Jim Robertson introduces himself and would welcome phone calls.
  8. Becky Tsuromoto tells us where to get more information about the UEBC.
  9. John Stroot on getting a tape recorder repaired.
  10. Kate tells us about a tape recorder available from Vermont Country Store.
  11. Paul Sullivan is looking for a cassette recorder.
  12. We learn about the White House Fellows program.
  14. Norene Trappa has some large notebooks to give away.
  15. We have December birthdays.
  16. "Americans with Disabilities Act Regulations to Expand Access to Movie Theaters for Individuals."
  18. Bob Clayton on access to the Internet; talks about teachers who do lots of extra things; discusses proofreading jobs and loves the Trekker Breeze.
  19. Vicki Ratcliffe on technology.
  20. We welcome Toni Eames back; she comments on technology; food rewards; remembers Robert Smithdas and discusses retiring guide dogs.
  21. From Beth Terranova: "Researchers Use Computerized Harness to Communicate with Dogs."
  23. Clinton Lindgren sends in Gene Autry with Sleigh Bells.


  1. Thanks to the C. W. and Marjorie J. Schrenk Family Foundation for their support.
  2. Tom D'Agostino with Manhattan Serenade.
  3. Kate tells us about the free braille cookbooks; what she is planning to make and would love to have you order a Newsreel cookbook for Christmas.
  4. Robert Wegner has a recipe for Butter Balls.
  5. Arlene Hebert has recipes for the holiday season.
  6. We remember Newsreelers who passed away in 2014.
  7. Pam Spurlock with a couple of hints and a recipe.
  8. Linda Brown with a couple of recipes.
  9. From Alice Massa a blog post from "The Wassail Years."
  10. Diane Motchuk is looking for a cookbook.
  11. Ginger Harms on a Gusto phone; comments on Handi-cassette battery life and has a baking question.
  12. Jim Riley doesn't like "pull tab" cans.
  13. Diana Burkhardt has a peach cobbler recipe.
  14. From Tom Kaufman: "New Audio Channel Makes Fashion Accessible for People with Disabilities."
  15. Alice Fields on being critical; shares a scarey story and has two Christmas poems.
  16. Alice Crespo is looking for help in learning to use the PacMate.
  17. Sarah Brown with What Child Is This.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Bob and Mickey Prahin sent in "Christmas Confusion."
  3. Patty Silver shares a true story.
  4. Abbie Taylor on adding contacts to her cell phone and shares a story from Magnets and Ladders;
  6. From Linda Bennett: "The Wandering Age."
  7. Lab Grown Corneas could Prevent blindness.
  8. Jeanne Corcoran reads: "The Christmas Spirit."
  9. Marg Campbell shows how to put contacts into her cell phone.
  10. From Ann Chiappetta: "Talking through Sorrow."
  11. Ginger Harms on adding contacts to her cell phones and has a question about the Book Port Plus.
  12. Janet Didsbury would like Tom Lehrer recordings.
  13. Tom Lehrer with "A Christmas Carol."


  1. We hear about a low-cost braille printer being developed.
  2. From the November Tenth Columbus Dispatch: "Twelve-year-old Develops Cheaper Braille Printer for the Blind."
  3. Vito Muraglia has OTR CDS to sell.
  4. Adrijana Prokopenko is selling a booklet of braille contractions and is offering to braille short documents.
  5. Bob Acosta tells us about a cruise sponsored by GDUI.
  6. Ellen Boxrud with comments on computers; mailing addresses and would like correspondence.
  7. We have a story about the inaccessibility of DC government websites.
  8. Ellen Flourie is looking for a short-wave radio.
  9. Laurie Pettis with a song.
  10. From Randi Shelton: "A Grade School Teacher's Story."
  11. Clinton Lindgren with Hilary Weeks and God Bless Your Way.


  1. Catie Mangrum with a couple of songs.
  2. The National Federation of the Blind Reaches Agreement with US Department of Education.
  3. Joan Andrews on remembering Veterans.
  5. NFB 2015 Scholarships are available.
  7. Mike Lantz is working with a friend on making videos and he wonders what annoys you about dealing with sighted people.
  8. Gloria Rathbone would like to hear from Pilot Dog graduates.
  9. From Marianne Daley: "Rescue Cat Watches Over Diabetic Girl."
  10. Joan Cox comments on smiling.
  11. From the Columbus Dispatch: "Cars will be Safer but still Need Drivers Toyota Says."
  12. Wearable Computing Gloves can Teach Braille Even if you're not Paying Attention.
  13. Blind from Birth but Able to use Sound to See Faces.
  14. From Doug Hudson: "The Twelve Days of Rehab."
  15. Julia Ann Cobb has musical greetings.
  16. From Duncan Holmes: "Manger Six."
  18. Robert Hassler on the NLS player and sings a song.
  19. Kate found an Old-timers Dinner Party.


  1. Cowboy Brad Fitch and Estes Park Christmas.
  2. Robert Wegner on submitting articles.
  3. Irwin has an article about sharing audio files and submitting articles to Newsreel.
  4. John Harden shows how to send an article to Newsreel using his Iphone.
  5. Justice Department Files Fair Housing Lawsuit Against Kent State University.
  6. Tom Lykins on technology; UEBC; wants to find a Braille Lite 40 and talks about Fred Gissoni.
  7. Madeen Ballentine on technology.
  8. from Clinton Lindgren: Rik Emmet and Sam Reid with a medley.


  1. April Meservey with Mary's Lullaby.
  2. From Linda Bennett: "Just a Few Minutes."
  3. Claire Busch demonstrates a talking microwave.
  5. From Alice Massa: a blog post "Making a Christmas Card."
  6. Marg Schmitz comments on NLS players and batteries.
  7. Amy Phillippi is looking for SAPI voices for Windows 7.
  8. "Around the World with the New Year" from Nancy Lynn.
  9. From National Braille Press: "IOS8 Without the Eye.
  10. Randi Shelton sends in an update to "Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus."
  11. Victor Schmidt discusses NLS digital players and batteries; has an oldie and comments on unwanted phone calls.
  12. Diane Motchuk with "Let it Snow."
  13. Brooke White with California Christmas.


  1. Kate shares a Kingston Trio song.
  2. Phil Jackson has a strange story.
  3. Duncan Holmes tells us about his upcoming tours.
  4. We welcome new members and new Life members to Newsreel.
  5. Barb Fohl has questions about her new phone.
  6. Bojane Heap on technology and learning to use adaptive equipment.
  7. From John W. Smith: "Gun Clinic Caters to Blind."
  8. From Ann Chiappetta: "Life after Fifty has Revealed Milestones I Never Thought would come to Pass."
  9. Jim DeBruhl comments on the Thunder Shirt.
  10. We tell you about a holiday sale from Humanware.
  11. Willie Merritt with the November jumble answer.
  12. Irwin has the December jumble from Kate and the list of words from Eva Elfassy for the October jumble.
  13. We end with a story sent in by Marianne Daley about "The Candy Bomber."