Table of contents December 2015.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Bob Abston and Arthur Wilson have greetings.
  3. Clinton Lindgren with Bing Crosby with The Secret of Christmas.
  4. From Linda Bennett: "What is Christmas?"
  5. Loren Wakefield shares Christmas memories.
  6. Braille Works is providing braille letters from Santa.
  8. The Youtube address for converting videos has changed.
  10. Tom Lykins would like to hear about improvements to Newsreel.
  11. From the National Braille Press "Pete the Cat Saves Christmas."
  13. From Marianne Daley: "Blind Cats Find Home and Comfort at Sanctuary."
  15. Duncan Holmes has some old calendars and a cassette recorder to give away.
  16. We have a belated November birthday and December birthdays.
  17. Bill Tidwell reads "Airlines Helping Hand to the Blind."
  18. Marianne Daley sent in: "Gift Wrapping Rules for Men."
  19. Ginger Harms has a hint if you need a new charger for the Bookport Desktop.
  20. Linda Brown on Ladies' Home Journal.
  21. From "Linda Webb: "Christmas Shepherd."
  22. Julie Cobb wants to know how many Radio Reading Services are available over internet radios.
  23. Bojane heap tells us about a sleep study involving blind children and teens.
  25. We share the obituary for Roy Avers.
  26. "United Issues Apology for Treatment of Disabled Man."
  27. Marie Rudys with an Austrian Christmas carol.


  1. Henry Furtak has a Christmas parody of Dragnet.
  2. Irwin has an apology.
  3. Robert Wegner with an addition to his November recipe.
  4. Jeanne Corcoran on braille writers and shares some recipes.
  5. Ralph Martinez shares a turkey recipe.
  6. Vicky Ireland has a cookie recipe.
  7. From Ann Chiappetta: "Bailey Finds the Cannoli."
  8. Patty Silver has "The Stress Free Diet."
  9. Alice Massa has a "Christmas Gift."
  10. From Marianne Daley: "This Major Airport just Installed the First Bathroom for Dogs."
  11. Nancy Levy tells us about an early Christmas present.
  12. Clinton Lindgren with "Christmas Is Here."


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Linda Wiggins and Kate have greetings.
  3. Linda O'neal has a couple of song requests and we hear Christmas Time.
  4. Nolan Crabb recommends: "A Redbird Christmas."
  5. John Wesley Smith reviews "How the Slaves Saw the Civil War."
  6. From Deborah Kendrick: "Doing everyday Things Doesn't Make Anyone Special."
  7. Tim Hendel has more on braille writers.
  8. Robert Acosta tells us about a GDUI summer drawing.
  9. From Marianne Daley: "Ed Walker WAMU Personality who Burnished Radio's Golden Age Dies at Eighty-three."
  10. We have snipits from Ed Walker.
  12. Marie Rudys has a Czech Christmas Carol.


  1. Jan Blatz shares music from The Nationaires.
  2. Doug Hudson has a recommendation for braille writer repair.
  3. Vicky Ireland with holiday greetings and suggests her CD for a gift.
  4. Ed Fedush has gentle thoughts.
  5. Bob Prahin presents the DecTalk Choir with "We Wish you a Merry Little Christmas."
  6. "Do Dogs Get That Eureka Feeling?"
  7. "Blind Sailing Champions are the Definition of Perseverance."
  8. "Blind Bowler Henry Svetina is Scoring Big on the Professional Bowlers Tour."
  9. We have the Spike Jones version of the Nut Cracker.


  1. Diana Burkhardt and Marg Schmitz have greetings.
  2. Duncan Holmes sends in an original song from David Wesley.
  4. We hear from the Indiana Teacher of the Year Kathy Nimmer at the Acb Ohio/Indiana Convention.


  1. Kathy Nimmer continues with her speech.
  2. John Correia has a Starwars Christmas song.
  3. Catie Mangrum with with words for a holiday song.
  4. We remember Newsreelers who passed away in 2015.
  5. Karen Kelting has greetings and shares a recipe.
  6. Doug Hudson with a joke.
  7. Pat Keating with musical holiday wishes.
  8. Kim Charlson has a braille dictionary looking for a new home.
  9. Kate lets us know who won a free cookbook; reminds us about the Newsreel cookbook and tells us about a delicious pie.
  10. Irwin has an update on Paris.
  11. Philip Jackson about Christian Record Services camps.
  12. From Tom Kaufman: "Brains of Older people are Slow Because They Know so Much."
  13. Lucille Caruso tells us about a medical procedure.
  14. From Omaha Magazine: "A Sight for Non-Seeing Eyes."
  15. Jane McIver has the November jumble answer and Brad Barrows has a new jumble.
  16. From Randi Shelton we have a link to more about a new GPS App.
  18. Adrijana Prokopenko tells us about two e-mail lists for blind people.
  19. Bojane Heap has Christmas greetings and tells us about her definitive Christmas song.
  20. Al Daniels on flip top cans; is looking for cables for the Braille Lite 2000 and shares a song.


  1. Duncan Holmes with David Wesley singing the Coventry Carol.
  3. From Linda Bennett: "Another Sweet December."
  4. From Jenine Stanley: "The Guide Dogs Night Before Christmas."
  5. Rollie Hudson has best wishes.
  6. Abbie Taylor has a winter song.
  7. Jim Robertson demonstrates the Echo.
  8. Duncan Holmes sent in a story from Paul Harvey.
  9. Linda Webb asks "Who am I?"
  10. Paul Sullivan is looking for a cassette bulk eraser and a head cleaner and wants to find some music.
  11. Larry Honaker demonstrates how to download Newsreel on his Mac.
  12. From National Braille Press: IOS9 Saturday Quotes; the 2016 print/braille Peanuts calendar and a new magnet.
  14. Clinton Lidgren with "Winds Through the Olive Trees."


  1. Clinton Lindgren sends in an old English Christmas song.
  2. From Linda Webb: "Christmas Prayers."
  3. From Tom Kaufman and Robert Acosta: "Self-Driving Cars the Focus of Latest Report from the National Council on Disability."
  5. Laurie Pettis with a winter song.
  6. Toni Eames has cassettes and broken cassette recorders to give away and would like help with e-mail.
  7. Frank Spurlock has the Night Before Christmas from 1946.
  8. Newsreel wins an award.
  9. Ginger Harms says the Accessibility Verizon numbers no longer work.
  10. From Ann Chiappetta: "Doink Doink Doink Doink Doink Doink."
  11. We learn that former Newsreeler George Illingworth passed away.
  12. Joan Andrews discusses braille and an upcoming concert.
  13. Julie Ann Cobb has Christmas greetings and is looking for audio magazines.
  14. Tom Lykins has a suggestion for future demonstrations.
  15. Victor Schmidt with a health update.
  16. Adrijana Prokopenko shares a link to an interview.
  18. Clinton Lindgren sends in: "Ring Out Wild Bells" to end the issue