Table of contents December 2016.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. We have holiday greetings from Clinton Lindgren and he brings us Johnny Mathis with "It Came Upon The Midnight Clear."
  3. Linda Bennett with "Christmas Time is Here."
  4. Bojane heap shares an article titled: "The Quiet Heroism of Amazing P."
  6. From Ann Chiappetta: "Chicken Burridos."
  7. Tom Lykins tells us about Braille Bible Foundation.
  9. Charlie Anderson reports on his trip to the United Kingdom.
  10. "Ford Reveals Self Driving Cars Politeness Might be a Problem."
  11. Mike Lantz on the National Radio convention and is looking for some people.
  12. We have December birthdays.
  13. Marg Schmitz needs a battery for her cell phone.
  14. We have Christmas riddles and jokes from Linda Webb throughout the issue.
  15. Jeri Williams comments on the sound that Ginger Harms heard.
  16. E. Z Clleghorn has a hint if you need to smile.
  17. "What Dreams are like when you are Blind."
  18. Loren Wakefield on slates and passes along a joke.
  19. Doug Hudson with an update on Seedlings Braille Books.
  21. Russell Carrick introduces us to a new friend.
  22. From National Braille Press: "Why is Wemberly Worried?"
  23. and we hear about "Shapes."
  24. Toni Eames has holiday greetings.
  25. We have news about CVS and accessible prescription labels and kiosks.
  26. Tim Hendel and Deb Saylor have a parody for Christmas.


  1. Gerry Gabrielli has a Christmas selection originally from 2003.
  2. We have the cookbook winners for November and new books to give away in December.
  3. Sue Bandos is looking for a casserole dish.
  4. From Blind Perspective: "Cooking Concoctions."
  5. Ed Fedush sent in a hint to find out if your food has thawed.
  6. Jeanne Corcoran tells us about a book bag she likes.
  8. From Marianne Daley: "Your Dog can Make you Feel Better, and Here's Why."
  9. Philip Jackson with questions about Alexa.
  10. Rita Tester read about a can opener and wants to know about a color identifier.
  12. Pam Spurlock about QVC and wants some phone numbers.
  13. Patty Silver shares a story.
  14. We learn about the "Aware Audible Proximity Solution Navigation App."
  15. We have Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake.


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. Brittni Paiva with "Carol of the Bells."
  3. We have holiday greetings from Dennis Schaffner, Norene Trappa and Phil Jackson.
  4. Irwin talks with Jenine Stanley about proposed changes to the Air Carrier Access Act; guide dog relief areas at airports and accessible kiosks.
  5. Irwin reads: "The NLS Digital Player."
  6. Debbie Caldbeck sent in: "Cassette Players are Making a Comeback."
  7. Ray Smith with Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.


  1. Laurie Pettis has a musical Christmas card.
  2. Bob Riibe likes a pair of boots.
  4. Diane Motchuk has a talking Glucometer for sale.
  5. We have a review of a Handi-Talkie.
  7. Duncan Holmes tells us about his upcoming tours.
  8. We have a Christmas tale from Helen Keller.
  9. Alice Massa tells us about her new book.
  11. "How it Feels to Grow Up Blind in Kentucky."
  13. From Tom Kaufman: "High School to Use Tech to Help the Blind to Differentiate Paper Money."
  14. Bob Clayton would like to know where to send used braille books.
  15. Kim Taylor would like ideas for dealing with bed bugs.
  16. Lisa Kelly with "Christmas Everywhere."


  1. APH narrator John Polk was the banquet speaker at the 2016 ACBO Conference.


  1. John Polk continues.
  2. We have best wishes from Linda Wiggins and Sam Bates.
  3. "How Sixty Years Ago the U.S. Military Became the World's Official Tracker of Santa Claus."
  4. Irwin has a brief update on the house.
  5. From Tom Kaufman and Robert Acosta: from Dan's Tip we learn about Blind Abilities.
  7. "Windsor High School Prints what may be the First Braille Yearbook."
  8. Frank Sinatra with The Christmas Waltz.


  1. We have a medieval carol from Duncan Holmes.
  3. We have holiday greetings from: Norma Kraus, Pat Keating, Kate Sniderman, Tom Lykins, Jan Blatz, Julia Cobb and Jean and Betty LaGrange.
  4. Irwin reminds you about our braille calendars.
  5. Tim Hendel on braille.
  6. Donna Permar comments on braille.
  7. Irwin about braille.
  8. Carrie Hooper on braille.
  9. Marg Schmitz concerning braille.
  10. Gayle Adams on braille.
  11. Debra Saylor talks about braille.
  12. Vinny Samarco on braille.
  13. Beth Terranova discusses braille.
  14. Tom Lykins on braille.
  15. Marianne Daley sent in an article about making friends outside of Facebook.
  16. Janet Didsbury wants to know the difference between an iphone and an Android.
  17. Angela Gatteys has items to give away.
  18. Abbie Taylor on braille; shares a piece from her memoir and has a musical holiday wish.


  1. Deb Caldbeck sent in a version of "Over the River and Through the Woods."
  3. We welcome a new subscriber.
  4. Bojane Heap on restaurants and blind people; needs suggestions for cleaning a glass-topped stove and has more about her Victor Stream.
  5. From National Braille Press: "Sunday Morning Quotations."
  6. and "Good Night Good Night Construction Site."
  7. E. Z. Cleghorn recommends Abbie Taylor's new book and has questions about SIRIUSXM Radio.
  8. Richard Brock talks about a talking blood glucose meter and discusses unwanted help.
  9. We learned that Paul B. Smith passed away.
  10. Hap Holly sends in a little humor.
  11. JEANNE Corcoran with the story "Joy."
  12. Marianne Daley has best wishes for the season.
  13. Duncan Holmes sent in an upbeat Christmas song.
  15. Clinton Lindgren ends the issue with "Song of the Night."