Table of contents December 2017.


  1. Harry C. Moores underwriting announcement.
  2. Ralph Martinez sent in some "Snow."
  3. From Linda Bennett: "Another Sweet December."
  4. George Gray tells us about Camp Salom 2018.
  5. Deb Caldbeck has items to give away.
  6. Carol Ashland on dymo tape and saying "Thanks."
  7. We hear about the Xavier Society for the Blind.
  9. Chad Grover is looking for accessible catalogs.
  10. Freedom Scientific Releases JAWS 2018.
  11. Lucille Caruso with a Christmas message.
  12. We have December birthdays.
  13. From Marianne Daley: "Happiness is Other People."
  14. Alice Massa has a Christmas poem.
  15. We learn about accessible washrooms.
  16. From Tom Kaufman and David Goldfield: we hear about the 30th anniversary of the Braille 'n Speak.
  18. We welcome two new subscribers.
  19. Mike Lantz has a friend who is looking for someone.
  20. Blind Triplets in Virginia Make History by Achieving Rank of Eagle Scouts.
  21. Bill Morgan shares an early memory of Newsreel.
  22. Marie Rudys with "Christmas Morning."


  1. Gerry Gabrielli from the December 2003 Newsreel with The Bell Sisters.
  2. Kate tells us about cookbook winners for November and the give-aways we have in December.
  3. Robert Wegner with a recipe for black eyed peas.
  4. Patty Silver on food allergies and suggests a book. (DB 76516)
  6. From NBP: "Braille My Wish Bracelets."
  8. Joan Andrews comments on the importance of smelling food.
  9. From December 2000 Charles Nettles reads: "The 23rd Diet."
  10. Jeanne Corcoran remembers Patty Luchtenberg and shares a Christmas selection of "A Fragile Gift."
  11. Kate has holiday greetings.
  12. Lucille Caruso describes a new cassette recorder.
  13. Julie Ann Cobb has musical Christmas wishes.
  14. Marg Campbell with a Christmas medley.


  1. Jane McIver with the song "I Just Can't Wait Til Christmas."
  2. From Linda Bennett: Christmas Time.
  3. Irwin talks about recording old issues of Newsreel from cassette.
  4. Nolan Crabb reviews "The Mistletoe Secret." (DB 86630)
  5. John Wesley Smith on cassettes and the availability of magazines.
  7. We hear about legislation to improve educational opportunities for visual and hearing impaired students.
  8. From Katie Frederick: "Nationwide Class Action Challenges Hulu's Discrimination Against Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals."
  9. Irwin has some housekeeping tips.
  10. "Blind Teenager Gets new Braille Computer to Replace Communications Tool Lost in Sonoma County Fire."
  11. Chester Carnes is looking for several items.
  12. Nancy Levy with memories of Patty Luchtenberg.
  13. Marg Schmitz with a hint for cooking turkey.
  14. From NBP: "Diary of a Worm."


  1. Thanks to the Ohio Lions Sight and Hearing Committee for their support.
  2. We feature Patty Luchtenberg and her family with a couple of songs from December 2004.
  3. From Deb Caldbeck: "Local TV and Radio Stations no Longer Required to have Local Studios."
  4. Patty Silver with a Christmas memory.
  5. George Gray tells us about games for the i-Phone.
  7. From the Columbus Dispatch: "Ohio State Sorority Sisters Fight over Therapy Dog Goes to Court" with an update.
  8. Tom Lykins with holiday wishes.
  9. From Tom Kaufman and David Goldfield: we hear about a reduced price for the Pearl camera from Freedom Scientific.
  11. Jan Blatz with greetings.
  12. Duncan Holmes has information for the Harbolt Company.
  14. Alternatives to Opioids for Pain Relief."
  15. Richard Brock with best wishes.
  16. We hear about a Long Jumper who is blind.
  17. Tom Kaufman sends in: "GM will test Fully Autonomous Cars in a Matter of Quarters not Years."
  18. Diane Motchuk with holiday wishes.
  19. Cindy Durborow with a Christmas poem.
  20. Duncan Holmes with "A Pussy Cat's Christmas."


  1. Irwin has an update on our braille calendars.
  2. Abbie Taylor on exercising; suggests "Blind Alive"
  3. and Abbie has musical best wishes for the holidays.
  4. Adrijana Prokopenko would like help in starting a magazine.
  5. We hear from Talking Book narrator Laura Giannarelli from the 2017 ACB-OHIO-Indiana convention.


  1. We hear more from Laura Giannarelli.
  2. From Tom Kaufman: "Bionic Vision Restoration: Could Future Technologies Restore Sight?"
  4. Kate shares some trivia.
  5. "Monday Morning Quotations."
  7. From Hap Holly: "Christmas Beginnings."
  8. Laurie Pettis has a song for Christmas.


  1. From Clinton Lindgren: "Christmas Eve" by Karla.
  2. Harvey Miller tells us about a project he worked on involving braille music from 1863 and we hear a sample.
  3. Robert Wegner on hearing aids.
  4. From NBP: "Even More Braille Jewelry."
  6. Bojane Heap on past memories; teaching; hearing loss; braille and cell phones.
  7. From Tom Kaufman: "Six Ways Tech is Transforming Blind People's Lives."
  9. E. Z. Cleghorn really enjoys Newsreel; comments on sale items from 1983; discusses learning how to use an i-device and talks about the availability of old-time-radio.
  11. Harold Bradley is looking for a Sharp EL 640 clock-calculator.
  12. We have the answer for the November jumble and Brad Barrows with a new jumble.
  13. Bing Crosby with "You're All I Want For Christmas."


  1. Daniela Andrade with "Let It Snow."
  2. Beth Clark talks with Krasimir Chervenko from Bulgaria.
  3. Blind Man Runs New York City Marathon Without a Guide.
  5. Marie Rudys has a health update.
  6. From Clinton Lindgren: Ashley Serena with "The Coventry Carol."
  7. From December 2000 Patty Luchtenberg reads: "Christmas Joy" sent in by Joni Colver.